All about Atalanti, Central Greece.

Our estate began its first plantation in 1998 with assyrtiko, the next year malagoussia and sauvignon blanc added and in 2000 xinomavro.


Dimitris & John Karadimos







In 1998 Dimitris Karadimos already a physicist passed in enology school and graduated in 2001.

Since then he is the responsible enologist of the estate and in cooperation with his brother John Karadimo , who is experienced with land cultivation, they created Karadimos estate.

The Vineyard.

The estate’s grapevine are all highland and privately owned. They are located in Knimida’s slope, about four kilometres northwest of Megaplatanos village (Atalanti).

The estate has sixty five thousand square metres of grapevine from which thirty two is Malagoussia, ten Xinomavro, six Sauvignon Blanc and the rest Assyrtiko.

Most of them are located around the archaeologic state of Vissa. The whole cultivation is from its beginning biologic (Certification ÂBIO HELLAS). The grape-harvest begins at early of August for the white and late August for the xinomavro while the green harvest comes before.


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