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When Evangelos Averoff transformed his vision into reality in the late 1950s and brought the first Cabernet Sauvignon vines to Greece, planting them on a barren mountainside in the heart of the Pindus range, he could never have imagined that his efforts to provide his birthplace with a financial boost would set in motion a revolution in Greek wine-making.








But while he broke new ground by successfully blending Greek and foreign grape varieties for the first time to produce his Katogi red, it was in his philosophy of introducing authentic wine growing and making methods to Greece – a production model that would come to dominate the Greek wine industry many years later – and the tenacity with which he stuck to his principles in the years that followed, helping to reveal the vast untapped potential of the Greek vineyard, that his greatest contribution lay.

Today, Katogi Averoff is a dynamic force in Greek wine-production, and continues to invest systematically in its vineyards and in developing its wine-tourism initiatives, which include a small de luxe hotel beside its Metsovo winery.

The Winery.


The winery.

At Katogi Averoff, wine-making is fully integrated into our activities. Our vineyards, art-works and hospitality are all aspects of the creativity that underlies everything we do, and all underpinned by our focus on the quality of every aspect of our work, and our overriding aim of providing you with products and services that will bring you joy and satisfaction by living up to your expectations. At the Katogi Averoff winery-hotel, creativity comes hand in hand with pleasure and you, the client, are at the epicentre of everything we do. Tour the winery, admire the art-works that adorn our cellars and sample our wines in an unforgettable wine experience!

As you climb the steps down into the winery cellars, your senses are conquered one by one by wine. First the nose, beset by its intoxicating aromas, then the gaze drawn to images depicting wine production and the history of Katogi Averoff. And as you continue your exploration of the paths of wine, sound joins the images to intensifies the sense of ritual: you are now firmly in the realm of Dionysis as the god of wine initiates you into its wonders and mystique. An altogether unforgettable experience rounded off by an enjoyable wine-tasting session.



The vineyards.


Yiniets vineyard.

The Yiniets vineyards are Greece’s highest; at 1100 m. above sea-level they are clinging to the slopes of Mount Pindus in an area where the seasons have a rhythm of their own, the vines mature slowly. Yiniets, which means ‘vineyard’ in the local Vlach dialect, is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Traminer. The grapes are usually harvested in early to mid October; it’s as though Dionysus, the god of wine, wanted to keep these mountain vineyards in Epirus till last.

The vineyard at the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos is known locally as “the vineyard of the poor Saint”, the saint in question being Nikolaos of Metsovo, a Christian martyr burnt at the stake by the Turks in 1617. Merlot and Traminer are cultivated with great care on the steep slopes of his vineyard.



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logo graperoverThe Katogi Averoff wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Katogi Averoff Traminer, PGI Metsovo. 86 points. 

traminer-newwhite grapeclip100% traminer.(savagnin blanc)

vmlRegional: Lemon/pepper calamari  World: fishcurries, shellfish, crustaceans, grilled fat fish, charcuterie, grilled pork, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverGolden yellow. Medium viscosity. Light and crispy aromas of this extraordinary grapeLight yellow/green. Light viscosity. A fresh clean and musky aroma, with a gardenia-like note. Crisp,zippy, tangy palate with a refreshing clean finish and aftertaste. Well-made, attractive white wine.



2010 Katogi Averoff Floara di Munte Brut, PDO Zitza. 85 points.

floara_di_muntewhite grapeclip100% debina. methode traditionelle.(20 months on lees)

vmlRegional: Feta & leek croquettes.  World: fingerfood, shellfish, crustaceans, cured ham, charcuterie, rich cheeses.

logo graperoverLight straw yellow. no viscosity. Vivid and zesty, it has lively and long-lasting bubbles. Its bouquet is redolent of flowers and fresh white-fleshed fruit with aromatic hints of pastry and biscuit. It is rich and refreshing on the palate, thanks to its acidity. Balanced with a good and long after-taste. Nice!




2010 Katogi Averoff rose, PGI Macedonia, 87 points.

rosered grape clip100% xinomavro.

vmlRegional: Taltsenes World: spicy grilled chicken, garlic prawns, Thai dishes, sushi, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverLively deep pink. Medium viscosity. Cheerful aromas of cherries, strawberries, raspberries and jasmine. Broad flavors of ripe fruit with a  refreshing acidity.  Well balanced and structured. A complete rose.





2009 Katogi Averoff Rossiu di Munti Vlachiko, PGI Ioanina. 88 points.

rossiu_vlahikored grape clip100% vlachiko.

wine barrel2 months fermentation on French oak, 6 months maturing on French oak.

vmlRegional: lamb-ribs. World: steak & kidney pie,  roast lamb, prime meat, veal liver, game, fowl, strong cheeses.

logo graperoverClear dark ruby. Medium viscosity. Vegetal nose & green peppers, meaty broth notes against a background of sweet spice nutmeg, cinammon & ginger as well as pepper. Medium full body, soft tannins, medium acidity and pepperiness in the mouth too. Good lasting finish, surprising experience with this (for me, new) grapevariety.




2008 Katogi Averoff Rossiu di Munti Pinot noir, Table wine. 89 points.

rossiu_pinotred grape clip100% pinot noir.

wine barrel2 months fermentation on French oak, 12 months maturing on French oak.

vmlRegional: Rabbit stifado World: venison, boar, roasted quail, hearty stews, snails, rich pastas, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverLight ruby. Medium viscosity. Attractive, light, complex, tomato and cherry aromas with hints of mint, maple, vanilla, smoke and tar. Pleasant, ripe cherry flavor. Dry, elegantly youthful acidity, medium-body, soft tannins and a long, faintly stemmy finish. Hard to find elsewhere in Greece. Bravo!




2004 Katogi Averoff Estate, PGI Metsovo, 91 points.

ktimared grape clip90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5%  Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc.

wine barrel12 months new French oak.

vmlRegional: Greek rib-eye. World: entrecote, wagyu steak, pot-au-feu, venison, leg (or saddle) of lamb, matured Dutch cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep red ruby. Dense viscosity. Aromas of ripe black currant, blackberry and plum, with hints of spices, leather, vanilla, coffee and wood essence. Mellow in the mouth with a solid structure, sweet tannins, balance, a subtle tannic finish and a lasting aftertaste. Considerable ageing potential. Great stuff!




2007 Katogi Averoff Cabernet Sauvignon, PGI Metsovo, 90 points.

epetiakored grape clip100% cabernet sauvignon.

wine barrel12-18 months new French oak.

vmlRegional: Greek style “Sunday roast”. World: entrecote, wagyu steak, pot-au-feu, venison, leg (or saddle) of lamb, matured Dutch cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep dark garnet. Medium-dense viscosity. Impressive aroma of ripe dark fruit like black currant, blackberry and plum. Elegant wafts of cedar, leather, green pepper and hints of truffles. Mid-full bodied, magnifficently youthful, with firm tanins, rich fruit, high acidity and a long finish. Will definitely improve further. Good craftmanship, for sure!