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The winery “P. Kefalas Estate” located in “Schinies” Volissos in northwestern Chios, about 40 km from the city of Chios. The operation began in 2004 and has a capacity of 30 tons of wine. It has a mechanical press, chiller, refrigerated stainless steel tanks, wine-making tanks for red wine ,and tanks for stabilization. The bottling and packaging of the produced wine make with automatic monoblock filler engine and auto-labeller machine. In the basement cellar of the estate there are French oak barrels for aging wine. The entire process of production, from vineyard to bottle, checked in cooperation and under the supervision of experienced consultant, Kostas Alevizopoulos oenologist.

In the winery, here is also a small shop where you can buy our wines, exclusive production of the estate. The future plans is the creation of the Exhibition of wines and tasting room to better serve visitors to the estate. The winery can be visited on request by phone: 6977092488and 6932374008.

The family Kefalas started make wine in the early ’60s, at its traditional wine press ,in Kourounia near Amani in northwestern Chios and produced the famous “Kourouniotis” sweet red wine.
In 2004 Dimitris Kefalas begins to create a modern winery in new premises, located in “Schinies” in Volissos.

Vineyards.The vineyards owned “P. Kefalas Estate” located at Kourounia in Amani and Volissos. There, in an area of 30 acres cultivated native varieties Savatiano, Roditis, Athiri, Assyrtiko, Mandilaria, Fokiano, Chian krasero and Agiannitiko.

The philosophy of the family head is that the art of the farmer always comes out a good wine. For the above reason the care of the vineyards, is entirely worthwhile and supervision of family members.

The yields do not exceed 800 to 1000 kg per hectare.In 2010 his son Pantelis Kefalas, which is the third generation of winemakers, creating the “Domaine P. Kefalas,” uniting the family vineyard and bottled their first wines.

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