All about Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

In the heart of the winemaking area Xinomavro in Giannakohori Imathia the “Domain Kelesidis” produces PGI Imathia PDO Naoussa wines with great care and personal care. In the winery, we create wines from our own vineyards, paying particular attention to all stages of the production process thereby respecting the most demanding consumer.

Ambition of the family business “Domain Kelesidis” is the production of high quality wines from organic grapes that will stand the organoleptic characteristics and their special flavor.

Feature of the estate Kelesidis is the emphasis on quality, taste the production process and the personal care of our people.

In recent years, increasing environmental awareness along with the need for a more healthy and quality life, have led consumers to seek alternative and more quality products. The organic wines are part of the green revolution as more and more consumers are putting it on the table. In organic farming and production has not used herbicides, genetically modified organisms and chemicals that alter the organoleptic characteristics of the wine.

The cultivation of the vine and grapes that will be useful in the production of wine, can be made according to the rules laid down by the directives of the European Union on the production of organic produce. This form of viticulture is subject to periodic inspections which are conducted by an independent organization, warrants and certifies compliance with European standards and the organic quality of the products.

Choosing the wine produced from organically grown grapes, support agricultural practices that refuse to pollute the soil and water resources.

In short, wine and personality, is born in the vineyard and by extension the land that hosts it. The organic wine production respects the above principle and is produced in harmony with nature.

Production and additives in wine

In the production of wine, made use of sulfur compounds such as sulfites that control bacterial growth to ensure the stability of wine. A wine labeled organic, it must be made from 100% certified organic grapes contain no added sulfites. The exception is sulfur dioxide, the simplest form of the sulfite salt and a natural byproduct of the fermentation krasiou. All other additives used in conventional wine is still prohibited in the production of the relevant biological.

Wine and biodiversity

Many experts, connoisseurs and wine lovers believe that organic varieties have been cleaner and more intense flavor, because wine is produced from grapes grown in healthier soil. In biological cultivations is encouraged prevention rather than cure. The vine is encouraged to fight his own battles and this results in smaller grapes with thicker skins and berries. The skins are inherently more resistant to attack by pests and contain more flavor, aroma and color. Proper and ecological soil management and ecosystem apexartitopoioun cultivation of chemicals and herbicides. Healthy soil grows a healthy vine that in turn produces tasty and quality fruits and expansion excellent wines.

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