All about Pallini, East Attica.

Kellari Papachristou (Papachristou Cellar) is a winery, member of the “Winemakers Association of Attica Vineyards (ENOAA). It’s a family owned business with a four-generation tradition in viticulture and winemaking. The production, bottling and aging of the estate wines takes place here.The stone building accommodates wine tastings, conferences, product presentations, corporate, social and cultural events. The atmospheric rooms with the collectible vintage objects, the specially conditioned wine cellar and the green garden will travel the visitors pleasantly within time. Nights have a new dimension at Kellari Papachristou with the affluent wine satisfying even the most demanding wine lovers. The winery is open throughout the year for those who wish to discover the products of the Papachristou family.

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Kellari winery.







The winery owns up-to-date mechanical equipment for the pickup of the grapes from the vineyard and the vinification in modern wine-press and stainless steel tanks. The wine-vault caters for the perfect temperature and humidity conditions for aging, that takes place in 225l barrels made of french or american oak.

“Papachristou Vineyard” is situated in the heart of the Mesogian plain, south-east of Peania in Attiki, at Pelkezi site. The planting of the vineyard has been made in a linear system with supports, with distances of 3 metres between the lines for reasons of adequate airing and sun exposure. The sloping ground, the intense sunlight of Attiki and the orientation of the vineyard combined with the farmer’s toil, contribute to the perfect wine quality of “Papachristou Vineyard”.

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