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The Company.

A modern history of wine and art continues…

Their name is referred by Homer in both of his epic poems as an ancient Thracian tribe that first dealt with winemaking in the land of Thrace (North-East continental Greece). In 2004, «Kikones» was the first winery established in the land of the ancient Kikones.

Milena-Tassou (2)

Milena Tassou.

Melina Tassou agronomist and enologist of the Bordeaux University applies extensive winemaking experience to the region through her formal training and vintage work across France and Australia.

The 10ha organic farming vineyard is mostly planted in Maroneia, ancient wine productive region of the ancient tribe Kikones. The agronomist Vasileios Tassou cultivate both Greek and international variety vines.

The winemaker’s philosophy is based on the best grape growing techniques and vinification that herself acquired while studying and working in France (Bordeaux, Burgundy) and Australia.

Harvested grapes are thoroughly checked on a special sorting table by ten to fifteen women. Sorting takes place in order to remove any leaves or unwanted berries before starting the vinification process.

Respecting wine as a natural product, the winemaker applies minimum technological interference in order to preserve the true character of each wine according to its vintage.

White and red Kikones wines are matured in French oak barrels. After twelve months of maturation red wines are bottled unfiltered as to preserve their natural aromas and flavours.

The Winery.

barrels kiko

Kikones barrels.

Established in the spring of 2004 by local Agronomist-Enologist Melina Tassou, «Kikones» is proudly the first winery founded in Rhodopi in the far northeast corner of continental Greece. Melina brings extensive winemaking experience to the region, through her formal training from the Bordeaux Faculte d’ enologie and vintage work across France and Australia. The winery is located 5 km from Komotini (Department of Thrace) and covers an area of 650m2, with climate controlled vinification rooms, barrel aging and automated bottling processes. With a particular focus on wine quality assurance, all machinery and processes employed in the production of Kikones wines engage both traditional and modern winemaking techniques.
The Philosophy of the winemaker is based on the best techniques in grape growing and vinification which she personally acquired while studying and working in France (Bordeaux, Burgundy) and Australia. Grape quality is of great importance, so the grapes used originate exclusively from the region’s vineyards. The privately owned Kikones vineyard is located on the hills of Maroneia nearby the Thracian Sea, planted with Greek and international vine varieties. As a result, founding “Kikones” promotes vine growing and vinification in the area, reviving local quality winemaking initiated by the ancient Kikones in the land of Thrace.

The Vineyard.

The privately owned 10ha organic farming vineyard is planted on the hills of the Maroneia region nearby the Thracian Sea. The varieties planted are: Malagouzia, Lemnio, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese. Vineyard cultivation is assured by the agronomist Vasileios Tassou.

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