All about Markopoulo, East Attica.

The first Greek Wine Cellars winery was established in the early 20th century (1905) by the company founder, and grandfather of the company’s current CEO, Vassilis Kourtakis. To date, since its founding, the Markopoulo winery has steadily expanded in size as well as facilities. Today, this winery is almost entirely devoted to bottling the wine coming from the Ritsona winery in Viotia, central Greece.

Until 1963, the plant consisted of a winery that simply gathered the grapes of the surrounding Mesogia plain, pressed them, and vinified the resulting must. The fresh wine was distributed to taverns around Attica which, at the time, maintained their own barrels.

After 1963, when the company stopped selling wine in bulk and began bottling its products, it set up its first bottling plant at Markopoulo. The winery’s capacity was impressive since, at the time, the annual production amounted to some 60,000,000 bottles of Retsina Kourtaki.


Vassilis Kourtakis

In the 1970’s the company moved its headquarters from downtown Athens to Markopoulo, into brand new offices next to the winery.

Today, the Markopoulo winery covers a surface of 28 stremmata (2.8 hectares), has a wine storage capacity of around 16 million liters, 6000 square meters of storage warehouses, 4 bottling lines, 1200 square meters of office space, and large open spaces serving the needs for handling raw materials, packaging items, and ready goods. The Markopoulo winery currently employs 130 people.

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