All about Evia.

We love our local regions and we prove this by naming our wines after traditional names of Nothern Evia.
We respect our tradition and we cultivate old traditional wine varieties like Vradiano, Kartioti, and local Asproudes that we revived after meticulous and long lasting effort
We believe in quality with our best piece of proof being our distinctions of our wines in universal competitions.
In order to reach your goal you have to be subjective, objective and precise, as the road to success is long.
It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it. The only thing that matters, in our opinion, is the reason why you do it.

Our wines are distilled from grapes of our own production that grow at our 70.000 square meters vineyard.
This fact offers us the ability to conduct constant quality tests in all stages of production.
We cultivate native varieties of Northern Evia that were about to vanish from the Greek wine map.

Finally, it is an honor that we managed to revive this varieties as their quality is now recognized.
The red varieties of Vradianos and Kartsiotis and the white variety of Asproudes in combination with other greek varieties such as Roditis  and Assyrtiko is the base of winemaking for our winery.
Our vineyard consists of universal varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignion, Grenache Blanc and Merlot.

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