Ladikino grape

Ladikino is a red variety of grape that is chiefly produced in Crete in a very infrequent manner. It is one of the local varieties that can be easily recognized because of its lavish aroma. Many growers are into utilizing this variety of grape in a wide range of blends which are in turn sold in the market. These blends are frequently necessary in integrated better texture and aroma. Through the help of Ladikino, this integration of wines makes it possible to come up with a more distinct fragrance that entices collectors and enthusiasts of wines.

Modern Greek wines are oftentimes blended with a diverse choice of Greek varietals. This includes Ladikino that is primarily used as a blend for a more interesting collection of white wines. Apart from Crete, this tradition is also done in other regions such as Rhodes and Halkidiki.

Due to its Greek origin, many people are into using Ladikino for various occasions. It came from the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. Straddling two climatic zones, Crete offers a good atmosphere for cultivating Ladikino. The main climate in Crete is temperate and this becomes a very good reason for growing this local varietal. Crete is known not only for its beaches and handsomely landscaped fields, but also because of its wine cultivation culture. Anyone who would like to experience a high-spirited hospitality can take pleasure in those restaurants that offer Ladikino as one of its precious treasures.

(Courtesy Wine making talk)