All about Nemea, Peloponnese.

Back then, in 1963, the Lafkiotis family, started making wine using some of the best Greek varieties found in Ancient Cleonai of Corinthia.


Lafkiotis winery

Today, supported by the experience of 40 years, the family selects the most proper vineyards, makes wine in modern facilities and ages the wines in French, oak barrels in environment-controlled cellars.

Germans, Swedes, Belgians, Austrians, Americans, Dutch and Danish enjoy the Lafkiotis wines, in their countries.

In Greece they can be found in good restaurants and liquor stores.

The Lafkiotis Winery is located in Ancient Cleonai, Corinthia, in the wine zone PDO of Nemea.

Cleoni, the daughter of the river Asopos and Metopi (daughter of the river and god Ladon), was the sister of Nemea, Salamina and Aegina, all of which gave their names to cities.

The distinctive climate of the region gives the opportunity for unique varieties of grapes to be cultivated, such as Agiorgitiko, but also to others, local and foreign, producing wines with rich characteristics.

The whole region is an excellent place for visiting archaeological microcosms in addition to vineyards unique in Greece.

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