All about Lefkas, Ionion Islands.

The history of “Lefkas Earth” Started in 2000 When Dimitris Rombotis, Graduate Studies of Wine with experience as Responsible vine-dresser in Several Wine-cellars around Greece, Established the First Wine Cellar in the Village of South Sivros in Lefkas.

Lefkada is A Large and fertile Island has much to offer Visitors and Residents Alike. Impressive landscapes, large, golden beaches, traditional villages, charming capital, archaeological sites and museums, local cuisine and wine delights of the unique traditional varieties.

lefka cellar

Lafkaditiki cellar

Vardea and Vertzami are grown only toggle in Lefkada. The white Vardea is cultivate on the south, in the villages of Agios Petros, Sivros, Vassiliki, Kontarena and less in Marantohori.From this we make the “Lefkadian White Land” , A Wine with many distinctions and Fanatic Friends.

Wine is tradition, knowhow, is a place, it’s human history and culture.

Believing in these and targeting the ultimate quality, we’ve created a complex of four buildings, in harmony with the inclined ground and the characteristics of the layout of the area without deviating from the strategic goal of the successful production line.

The wine-making and bottling takes place in the two large buildings. The modern equipment consists of stainless fermentation tanks with temperature control in every step of the production, pre-fermentation tanks, stabilization tanks, destemmer and pumps that ensure the minimum strain on the grapes, oak barrels for the ageing, a laboratory for quality control, automatic and semi-automatic bottling equipment as well as an air-conditioned cellar for the ageing of the already bottled wine.

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