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Limnos, the sacred land of Efaistos is “floating” between the Mount Athos and the Dardanelles, accompanied by its special aromas and original flavors. Already known from the era of Homer for its famous wines, Limnos i “Ambeloessa”, has been, with the passage of the centuries, the reference point of fine and qualitative products. …“there is no better wine to drink than a sweet wine of Limnos”, says Athineos in his work, Dipnosofistes.

Modern Limnos continues the tradition, producing fresh and aromatic dry wines, but mainly wonderful sweet wines from the charismatic variety of Muscat of Alexandria which flourishes in its volcanic soil.


View at Mt. Athos

Small, well-groomed, cup-shaped vineyards cover an area of about 700 hectares, together with Aristotle’s favorite variety of, Limnia Ambelo or Limnio and they guarantee, because of their low yields, an excellent raw material for the wine.

Savvoglou-Tsivolas producers exploit a total of around 20 hectares of vineyards (privately-owned or in co-operation with other wine growers), which are located in the regions of Agios Dimitrios, Kaspaka, Sardes, Dafni, Plaka and Kontopoulio. The cultivated varieties are mainly Muscat of Alexandria, Limnio, small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Fokiano. The vineyards are regularly inspected and controlled by a scientist agriculturist and oenologist, as well as by the Organic Products Inspection and Certification Organization, DIO, that also inspects, controls and certifies the organic methods of cultivation and provides the corresponding Products Certifications. The privately-owned vineyard, located in the area of MAVRAMPELIA, near the winery, is being under restructuring. Our current planning includes the enrichment of the vineyard with other varieties (mainly Asyrtiko) in our under construction estate in the area of Rodania, which will be open to the pubic and, in the contexts of an agrotourism program, it will provide accommodation facilities as well.

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logo graperoverThe Limnos Organic wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Limnos Organic Taxidi dry white, PDO Limnos, 85 points.

taxidi (1)white grapeclip100% muscat de alexandria.

1_dio_newDio organic.

vmlRegional: Octopus Stifado. World: sushi, roasted fat fish, deep fried squid, pork dishes, fish pastas.

logo graperoverBright pale yellow. Medium viscosity. Charmingly zippy acidity combines well with flowery bouquet. Musky, round elegance provides pleasant flavors. Medium bodied, with a rather shallow finish.

2011 Limnos Organic Embeloussa dry white. PDO Limnos, 87 points.

ABELOESSANEAwhite grapeclip100% muscat de alexandria.

1_dio_newDio organic.

vmlRegional: Cuttlefish lemonato. World: sushi, roasted fat fish, deep fried squid, pork dishes, fish pastas.

logo graperoverLight golden yellow. Medium viscosity. A somewhat more complex version of former “Taxidi”. The fermented “free run” juice of the Muscat creates a more serious and expressive, mineral, flavor. Smooth floral tones are up-front. Good lasting finish.

2011 Limnos Organic Proimos dry white, PDO Limnos, 82 points.

proimoswhite grapeclip100% muscat de alexandria.

1_dio_newDio organic.

vmlRegional: Grilled halloumi sandwich. World: sushi, roasted fat fish, deep fried squid, pork dishes, fish pastas.

logo graperoverLight greenish yellow. Light viscosity. Pre-harvested grapes give a crisp freshness with a rather high acidity and fruity character. A bit tight for my liking. Short finish.

2011 Limnos Organic Rodon semi dry rose, PDO Limnos, 84 points.

_ΡΟΔwhite grapeclipred grape clip75% muscat de alexandria, 25% Limnio.

1_dio_newDio organic.

vmlRegional: Garrides Tourkolimano World: spicy chicken,  asian food, curries, fruity desserts.

logo graperoverBright salmon pink. Medium viscosity. Heaps of sweet summer fruit, like strawberry, raspberry and cherry, clear on the nose. The limnio gives some grip.  Juicy “everybody’s friend. No highflyer, but adequate, tasty!.

2010 Limnos Organic Volcania, table wine. 83 points.

volcaniared grape clip60% limnio, 40% cabernet sauvignon.

1_dio_newDio organic.

vmlRegional: Loukaniko. World: moussaka, lasagna, lamb chops, meat balls, vegetarian, rich cheeses.

logo graperoverLight ruby. medium viscosity.  Pleasing dark fruit aromas, with some earthyness and oak. Good ripe fruit on the palate, combined with some pepper and soft tannins. Easygoing everyday supple red. Medium finish.

2009 Limnos Organic La Terra, PDO Limnos. 89 points.

La terrawhite grapeclip100% muscat de alexandria.

1_dio_newDio organic.

vmlRegional: Portokalopita.  World: tropical fruit & ice cream.

logo graperoverLight amber/brown; orange marmalade, apricots, peaches, floral; semi-sweet, citrusy, medium body, tangy acidity, lingering finish.
Aromatic, fruity nose led to a light dessert sipper. A bit harsh however.