All about Limnos.

Limnos Wine is the Co-operative on the island of Limnos that is located in the Northern Aegean Sea. The role of the Limnos Co-op (founded in 1958) should be considered exceptionally significant in the development of the agriculture and processing sector of Limnos. The Co-op has 3,000 active members.

Today the island produces many great wines and the main grape varietal produced is the Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat of Alexandria is the most aromatic Aegean island variety from which both dry and sweet high quality appellation wines are produced. The #1 wine from Limnos is the Muscat of Limnos with an annual production of over 2,000,000 bottles.

The island of Limnos, and it’s wines, are present in the Iliad: a welcome addition, it is said, to the cups of the Argives. With cooler temperatures than mainland Greece and plenty of strong prevailing winds, Limnos is an excellent place to raise expressive, aromatic, Moscatel, (aka Muscat of Alexandria).

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Port of Myrina.

Though Limnos has a reputation for making dry wines from it’s Moscatel, a result of the cooler temperatures, the island’s sweet wines are equally compelling. The entry-level dessert wine from Limnos Wines, located in the capital of Myrina, is an outstanding introduction to the island’s wines. In the glass the wine is a lambent, honeyed-orange. Aromas of thyme, honey, and green Darjeeling abound. The palate leads with earthy tones of spiced-honey and herbed-tea, though it finishes with a surprisingly refreshing hint of honeydew melon.

The role of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Limnos should be considered exceptionally significant in the development of the agricultural and processing sector of Limnos.

It is the organization which collects, processes and trades the largest number of the island’s agricultural production. The processing activities of U.A.C.L. cover the total wine production, while it owns a modern industrial dairy. Furthermore, it owns storehouses for the collection of the cereal production of the island.

With the superb view of the harbour of Myrina, the true taste of tradition is wonderfully wedded with peaceful holidays on the island of Dionysus.

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