All about Meteora, Thessaly.

A family winery on the foothills of mount Meteora, housing the philosophy of two young people, Konstantinos Loudas and his wife Zaharoula, and expressed through wine.


Zacharoula & Konstantinos Loudas with author (center).

The family’s pursuit for viniculture started sometime in the beginning of the previous century, by cultivating the first owned acres for private and commercial use. Keeping up with traditions, a family winery was created in 2006, with a purpose of highlighting the local varieties through a modern winemaking way.

Konstantinos Loudas and his associates are known for their great passion and love for wine, and at the same time for respect for the vinedresser’s work, nature and winemaking. The family is not concerned with a big impersonal turnout, but with the creation of a winery that will become a reference point in the area, by bearing two distinct features:
  • a respect for the greek cultivating methods,
  • a high quality of the wines produced.
And all that so that they can enjoy the whole winemaking process and for a more personal relationship with the consumer, who will know that the wine he’s drinking is a result of hard labor and great attention.
The Vineyard.
The whole thirty acres of privately owned vineyards are located in a slope across mount Meteora 280 meters high. The first ten acres were re-vined in 1976 by Konstantinos Loudas’ grandfather, a wine-lover/priest, with the Muscat Hamburg variety that has a strong connection with the region’s vinicultural history.
In 2001 the rest of the 20 acres were created and the old ones were re-vined with the Roditis, Xinomavro, Syrah and Merlot varieties that come highly recommended in the area among local wines.
It is important to emphasize that the winery aims at highlighting the region as one of the new vineyard zones, especially concerning the greek varieties, reviving the Law’s old flare when it comes to viniculture.
The family’s objective is to expand the vineyards into the necessary acres for the exclusive management of the grapes needed for the creation of its wines. Until then, the winery will collaborate with certain producers from Halkidiki (Sauvignon Blanc) and Naoussa (Xinomavro), after an arrangement being made for a low yield by the acre, but always maintaining the quality in grape cultivation and the family’s wine philosophy.
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