All about Kastoria, West Macedonia.

“Agiami”, meaning tail wind over the lake of Kastoria, is the main cause for the balance of the fragile ecosystem of the region. It depends on the microclimate of the newly formed vineyard of Nikos Maggel, on steep slopes at an altitude of 750 meters, and that is what makes the difference and makes this wine estate special.


lake Kastoria

On our way to Korestia, we made a stop at the village Koromilia to visit the estate Maggel. The ultramodern winery extends in a vineyard of 50 acres. and is distinguished by the elegant wines. We met Mr. Maggel (Austrian origin), who showed us around the facilities and teach us the secrets of his wines. The most important for the quality and taste, is none other than the particular region’s climate, resembling that of Burgundy. Low temperatures and soil, combined with the high altitude, contributing to bright color, rich flavors and excellent acidity. In this course assists and winemaking process (red wines) in oak tanks, like the excellent conditions of storage and bottling. It was no coincidence that the wines Maggel (5 species) have been awarded in international competitions, winning the best reviews! The ‘family’ form two teams of red and white wine each (Agiami and Estate), combining harmoniously foreign varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noit and Viognier, with Greek as Xinomavro Aghiorghitiko and Malagouzia. Different is the natural “sun-dried” with strong sweet aftertaste, and the refined grape extract, which is sold out. A trial will convince you! To winery is open by appointment, while the space available for tasting. (Courtesy: Travel Style.)

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