“Oinoe” was what they once called Sikinos, as it is known by all today. And this because it was famed for the great production and quality of its wine, oinos.

At the Manali Winery we are attempting to revive the atmosphere of that era, when everything was natural and unadulterated, made with love and care.

The Winery facilities, which operate in our organic wineryard exclusively with renewable energy, can be visited by members of the public, especially by those seeking a nostalgic journey through time.

You can make the same journey if you try our wines and visit the traditional area which we have created for you on a floor of the Winery, where you can enjoy traditional flavours and a magical view over the Aegean.

Manali Winery is located on the northwest side of Sikinos, 2.5 km from Sikinos town. The Winery can also be reached by bus.

winery iconPlease see HERE the official Manali website.

shopAll wines produced at Manali Winery are consumed on the island itself.

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