All about Drama, East Macedonia.

In 1989 George MANOLESAKI begins to instill into our vineyards in Adriani, Drama , varieties acclimated perfect microclimate of the region such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Assyrtiko, Ugni Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah . enrichment of knowledge on issues vines is continuous. The objective of this effort is the highest possible quality stafyli.Opos every living organism so the grapes takes care of every season. That’s why we respect the dictates of nature take care as best as possible, the vines us to give us the best wrist, which is the reward of our efforts. The constant search leads him to new varieties of crops such as Malagouzia Muscat of Alexandria and Aghiorghitiko.

The vineyard , this blessed perennial plant does not love nor extreme cold or heavy pelting rain. For this reason, the region of Adriani is favorable for cultivation because of the altitude of the slopes and the favorable soft wind blowing most days of the year. Besides, extreme temperatures and wet conditions are phenomena that do not know the area.

In line owner 250 acre vineyard, viticulture takes place with the personal care of Stavros Manolesakis (son of George), to the superior quality of the raw material – the precious grape gives wines of superior quality.

The planting of vineyards is done after soil analyzes indicate to us the appropriate subjects for the territory of the region. The ecosystem gives the best results when supplemented by human actions that appropriate cultivation techniques with care and attention. Low yields, strict selection of grapes during the vintage and the short interval from vineyard to winery ensure best quality of grapes.

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