Kalavryta grape

Area grown: In the mountainous slopes of Aegialia and Kalavryta , part of the region of Achaia (northwestern Peloponnese).

Vines/Grapes: There are three different varieties from the Mavra Kalavrytina family permitted for planting in Achaia:

1.    The Mavro Kalavrytino
2.    The Psilomavro Kalavrytino (psilo means thin, the grapes are small)
3.    The Hontomavro Kalavrytino (hontro means fat, the grapes are large)

The grapes have a thin skin with a low concentration of anthocyanins, but a good concentration of tannins and high acidity. They are sensitive to botrytis; in addition the variety has a very late maturation cycle. Harvest times depend on the altitude the vines are growing: At around 400 metres (1300 feet) matured grapes can be picked during the third week of September. At high altitude levels of 800 metres (2600 feet), the harvest takes place between 7th on 25th October.

Nose/bouquet: Very distinctive aromas of strawberries coupled with unmistakeable earthiness. Gentle, light to medium bodied, soft and integrated tannins, very good acidity with a finish that keeps lingering on. Class and finesse.

(Courtesy Elloinos)