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The origin.

In Kounavi, a village that lies in the heart of the Appellation zone of Peza in Crete, we make wine from the island’s indigenous grape varieties since 1973 basing upon our knowledge and passion; we bring the special characteristics of the international grape varieties to spotlight and exploit the viniculture potential of our homeland.

T he name of the village where our winery is situated is a great proof of the long winemaking tradition, since it is directly related to the historical wine-presses “Kanaves” that are found on the islands of the Archipelago.

At MEDITERRA Winery we create wines that are distributed in Greece and in more than 20 countries all over the world. Our wines have been awarded medals as much in domestic as in international wine competitions. Certified for quality systems both in the vineyard and the final products, we continue offering unique wines for all of you who consider wine as lifestyle!

The terroir of the vineyards we select, the positive energy, the healthy mood, the passion and the deep knowledge comprise the perfect conditions for the creation of wines that offer unique experiences.


Mediterra Winery – Creta Olympias S.A. was founded in 1973. The winery is located in Kounavi in Crete’s Nicos Kazantzakis district, in Heraklion/Crete. The company engages in the production, bottling and distribution of high value wines.


Dimitris Kondominas.

An important turning point in the company’s history occurred in 2005, when DEMCO Group acquired the Creta Olympias winery. Its owner Dimitris Kondominas isn’t just a successful, multi-faceted businessman mainly in the insurance and media sector, but also a passionate wine connoisseur. Under the new ownership, a radical restructuring of the business takes place, with the aim of establishing the company among the elite of Greek wine production. This is achieved by making the international audience aware of the indigenous Cretan varieties, by exploiting the potential of international varieties on the Cretan terroir and implementing their experience also outside of Crete.

Mediterra Winery – Creta Olympias S.A. is one of the few wineries in Greece that have been certified for the following quality systems by TÜV Austria: the Total Quality Management standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP standard EN ISO 22000:2005. 2008 has brought a new certification for the winery which gives the opportunity for the production of wines made of organically grown grapes (by DIO) according to the European Regulation (E.C.) 834/2007.

vineyard-2The climate.

The island of Crete is delineated by big mountain ranges that cross the island and derive it into the northern and the southern part, reaching heights between 1.200 and up to 2.456 meters. This is the reason why there are no valleys formed but only sloping plantations lying on hillsides.

The biggest part of the vineyards lies in the north-oriented slopes of the mountains, which play the role of the physical fence that protects the vineyards from the warm south winds blowing in the Libyan Sea.

The Cretan climate is characterized by mild winters with high humidity and warm, dry summers. The mountains combined with the sea breezes of the Cretan Sea offer cool winds to the vineyards during the warm months in summer, extending the ripening process of the grapes and resulting in the creation of unique aromas as well as in the good balance between sugars and acidity.

The mild Cretan climate and the intense sunshine duration that prevails during the crucial ripening period, taking also the low rainfall rate into account, are the fundamental stones for the production of the typical high quality wines in Crete.

The winery.Winerymediterra10-0102

The winery of Mediterra lies in a building ground of 15.000m2 in the village Kounavi of the Nikos Kazantzakis municipality in the prefecture of Heraklion in Crete.

The winery’s facilities consist of the area where the wine grapes are collected and processed for vinification, the underground storage and wine ageing area, the two wine cellars with the oak barrels and barriques, the bottling facility and the area for the preservation of the final products.

The storage capacity reaches the 19.000hl in stainless steel and oak tanks, while the two wine cellars dispose of over 500 oak barrels (300lt) and barriques (225lt).

The vinification area includes transportation lines and mechanical crushers for the collection of the wine grapes, heat exchanger for the must, three pneumatic presses, stainless steel and oak tanks and an automatic system controlling the temperature and the development of the alcoholic fermentation.

In the wine storage tanks, which lie in the underground air conditioned area, there is a central system filling the empty space with inert gas.

The bottling line that was recently modernized is completely automated and its production ability exceeds the 4.200 bottles per hour. In detail, the bottling line consists of the empty bottles depalletizer, the complex system that includes the rinsing, bottling and corking (or Stelvin capping) machines, the optical unit controlling the filling and the closure of the bottles, the unit for the positioning of capsules, the labeling machine (for self-adhesive and glue labels) as well as the complex system for the formation, filling and sealing of the cartons.

The final product is kept in an isolated air conditioned area of a total storage capacity of 450.000 bottles (750 ml).

images (12)The winery’s Quality Control Department is full-equipped with instruments for chemical analyses which provide the operation of multiple controls at every stage of the production, from the collection of the wine grapes to the bottling of the wines. In particular, the equipment of the laboratory includes automatic titrators for the assessment of sulphur dioxide and acidity, a device for the simultaneous assessment of the alcohol degree, the relative density and the total extract in wine samples without distillation, an automatic refractometer, a spectrophotometer, an oxygen meter etc.


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logo graperoverThe Mediterra wines tasted by GrapeRover: 

2007 Mediterra ‘Anassa, PGI Herakleion. 88 points.

AnassaBottlewhite grapeclip80% vilana, 20% sauvignon blanc.

wine barrel13 months on lees in French / American oak.

vmlRegional: Kapriko. World: roast pork, vegetarian, charcuterie, smoked fish, snails, strong cheeses.

logo graperoverBright golden-yellow. Medium viscosity. Impressive aromas of white flowers, dried fruit and citrus.  Opulent, complex flavors with lively acidity and caramel. Well structured and balanced. Mighty finish! Excellent value.



2011 Mediterra Xerolithia, PDO Peza. 89 points.

XerolithiaENBottle (1)white grapeclip100% vilana.

wine barrel5 months on lees Inox.

vmlRegional: Kakavia. World: sushi, crustaceans, squid, flatfish, asian food, cured meats, charcuterie, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright gold. Light viscosity. Upfront citrus aromas like lemon, lime and grapefruit, mingling well with tropical fruit tones. On the palate quite lively minerality of stone fruit and elegant citrus. Excellent well-balanced citrus/kumquat finish. Very appealing, thirst-quenching finish. My favorite Cretan white grape!



2011 Mediterra Rodeili rose, PDO Peza. 87 points.

rodeilired grape clip70% kotsifali, 30% mandelaria.

vmlRegional: roasted red snapper. World: grilled garlic prawns, asian food, rich pastas, spicy chicken, pork salads, vegetarian, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright medium dark pink. Medium viscosity. Abundant fresh red summer fruit bouquet. Juicy, ripe berry-fruit combines nicely with soft tannins on the palate. Good grip and well structured. Clean and vivid finish. Very tempting summer wine.





2010 Mediterra Mirambelo, PDO Archanes. 90 points.

MirambeloENBottlered grape clip80% kotsifali, 20% mandelaria.

wine barrel12 months French / American oak.

vmlRegional: Roasted goat. World: lamb chops, prime meat, vegetarian, spicy stews, veal / lamb liver, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep dark ruby. Dense viscosity. Appealing delicate nose with ripe cherries, plum, cedar and mediterranean herbs. Elegant palate with a touch of attractive spice like pepper and laurel. Some gentle tobacco and vanilla tones. Very complete wine at a nice price!



2007 Mediterra Pyrorago, PGI Herakleion. 89 points.

PyroragoBottlered grape clip50% kotsifali, 25% syrah, 25% cabernet sauvignon.

wine barrel13 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Hunkar Begendi. World: lamb chops, prime meat, vegetarian, spicy stews, veal / lamb liver, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep purple. Dense viscosity.  A complex and delicate aromatic character, dominated by aromas of dry and fresh red fruits on a background of spices, tobacco and leather. Concentrated taste, firm and generous. Great finish.