All about Herakleion, Crete.

In the heart of Crete, on the hilltops surrounded by nature where history unfolds by the moist and refreshing winds of the Aegean, you will find the vineyards and the Michalakis winery. Here, in one end of the valley where the wine-press of Vathypetro stands untouched by time since 2500 BC while nature takes care of our vineyards in the other end.

On the slopes of the valley where the history of wine spans centuries, in an altitude of 550 meters lies a unified hilly area of 430 stremmata (decares) that used to be a terroir (group of vineyards) from Megalo Metoxi of the St. George Epanosifi Monastery. This is now the Michallakis estate and you will have to travel a distance of 32 km. from Heraklion to visit us.

The « Michalakis Estate» is a precious gem of Cretan winery, which other than the production of high quality wines is required to link the cultural heritage of Cretan nutrition with tourism while at the same time it openly invites all new consumers of Cretan wine.


Michalakis vineyards cover an area of 450 decares and are situated at an altitude of 550-650 meters in the area of St. George Epanosifi.

This is a region with a long tradition in viticulture as proven by the historical sites in the area such as the treadle of the Minoan villa in Vathypetro. (1600 BC).


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The cool north winds of the Aegean combined with the altitude offer freshness and health to our grapes.

With regular checks we ensure that each bunch of grapes that remains on the plant is healthy and that the final volume of harvest is limited (550-900 kg/decare).

By combining traditional and modern methods of cultivation in the estate we grow with special care the Cretan varieties Malvasia AromaticaPlytoDafniVidiano,ThrapsathiriMuscat SpinasVilanaKotsifali and Mandilari and the international varieties Cabernet SauvignonSyrahMerlotChardonnayPinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. The harvest is done by hand and the grapes are placed in small crates that can hold up to 20 kgs.

The period of harvest usually begins with Muscat Spinas in early August and ends with Mantilari in early October.

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