All about Tirnavos, Thessaly.


Dimitris Migas was born in Tirnavos, a town situated in a rural area on the feet of Mount Olympus and which belongs to the prefecture of Larissa, part of the Thessaly region of Greece. His familial vineyard is extended to more than 120 acres in the location of “Paleos Ampelos”, near to Tirnavos, where he runs one of the most contemporary and impressive wineries of Greece. The Greek place name “Paleos Ampelos” (Old Vineyard in English) states that this area has all along been, historically, an area for viniculture.

The cultivated grape varieties are the French ones Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Greek ones Muscat Hamburg, Bantiki and Malagouzia as well. The mild mainland climate and the good ground drainage of the area result greatly in the top quality of the estate’s wines.

The main philosophy of the estate is the successful blending of the tradition with state-of-the-art equipment aiming at the production of high quality wines, typical of the micro-climate (terroir) of the area. In order to apply the latest available winemaking technology during the vinification likewise the maturation and the preservation of wine, Mr. Migas made an amazing investment, creating a model winery, unique in the local area which is open to visitors.

It is a fact, that the tireless efforts of the Estate were especially successful in the past few year. In 2011, the Estate won 21 medals in four world competitions, out of which 6 gold ones, 7 silver and 7 special distinctions.

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