All about Chalkis, Evia.

The attempt for the realization of this venture was an idea instilled in me since my childhood. This is because my family’s association with the vineyards and the wine started through amateur actions initiated by my grandfather. Thus, with the passing of all these years, the vision of a piece of land with a winery incorporated producing quality bottled wine of an organic nature, matured in my family.


Nikos Mitzifiris

Since 2003, the year when the winery took its complete form, my principle target as well as that of my associates was the production of quality wine in addition to a perpetual effort of improving it. Within the constant process of exploring the magic world of wines, I reached the conclusion that the more I seek for new challenges, the more I come up with new elements which would, in turn, lead to new facts and provide me with the right stimuli to try harder.I am not a big producer, yet I am a good one and I am interested in the perspective of becoming an even better.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who have been supporting and confirming me.
I promise them that I will show greater zeal in achieving my core target, that is, contributing to the upgrade of Greek quality wine in the best and most effective possible manner.

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