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Jim Botsacos

Regarded as one of Manhattan’s most beloved restaurants, Molyvos serves soulful Greek cuisine in a setting that is festive and elegant. Diners have the experience of being in Greece through well-prepared and well–executed food by Executive Chef/Partner Jim Botsacos.

When Molyvos opened in 1997, it garnered immediate attention including a three-star rating from The New York Times, as well as cooking demos by Botsacos on NBC’s “Today,” ESPN’s “Cold Pizza,” the Food Network, and “Martha Stewart.”

At Molyvos, Botsacos has created an approachable and refined menu that utilizes regional, seasonal ingredients. “I view Molyvos as an ‘everybody’ restaurant,” he says. “When you dine with us, there is something for everyone. We have Greek classics, as well as dishes that take a more modern approach while utilizing authentic and nostalgic flavors.”

Molyvos features the most extensive selection of Greek wines available in the United States, boasting more than 400 wines that represent more than 50 wineries in Greece, leading to its reputation as one of best in New York City.

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Kamal Kouiri

Wine Director Kamal Kouiri was hired to lead Molyvos’s wine program 10 years ago, taking the initial list from 12 wines by the glass and 160 bottles from around the world to the award-winning offering it is today. “We’re giving our gueststhe whole Greek experience by transporting them to a Greek destination through food and wine. We represent the best variety of grapes growing in the regions ofGreece and offer wines that are a natural fit for Greek cuisine.”

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