All about Lakonia, Peloponnese.

Monemvasia Winery, G.Tsibidis & Co, was founded on 20 September 1997 in Monemvasia of Lakonia by G.Tsibidis. This initiative was part of a wider business plan with a clear objective: the revival of the Malvasia wine in its birth place. The  winery covers a number of activities from historical research to vine search, vine growing, wine making, bottling, distribution, promotion and trading.

Malvasia wine

Starting on the 12th century and for the subsequent 300 years, this wine ruled the European world. It is still being produced in many countries including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, even California and Croatia but it is not produced in its country of birth, Greece, from which it took its name – Malvasia – which is the Frankish name for Monemvasia.


Monemvasia Winery began to operate as a meeting base in the framework of PABE (European Research Program) along with the Agricultural Universities of Athens and Thessaloniki, the company VITRO (Company for the Production of Plant Propagating Material) and NAGREG (National Agricultural Research Foundation). Fourteen varieties of grape vines were recorded in the region; it is highly possible that some of these varieties were used for the production of the ancient ‘MALVASIA’ wines.


sundrying malvasia grapes







For twelve years, Monemvasia Winery persistently and consistently studied the features of local grape varieties, an adventure marathon with many battles on the way. The Winery in cooperation with the Wine Institute, were involved in the creation of experimental vineyards and experimental vinification. They also conducted international scientific symposiums on the wine of ‘Monemvasia-Malvasia’. Finally, at the issue 1125 of the official Government Gazette, dated on the 23rd of July, 2010, the wines ‘Monemvasia-Malvasia’ were given the classification “protected designation of origin” (PDO) for  sweet white wine and  wine liqueur both derived  from sun-dried grapes.

Armed with the research results and experimental vineyards, MONEMVASIA WINERY, has produced, experimentally, ‘Malvasia’ sun-dried sweet wines with exceptional results.

MONEMVASIA WINERY will bottle the “Monemvasia-Malvasia” wine 2010 for the first time through the year 2013!

Wine growing

Monemvasia Winery proceeded to create vineyards with these local varieties and acquired more land for further development (a total of 20 hectares).

Wine making

Monemvasia Winery has set up a wine making plant, processing grapes from its own vines as well as from the wider area, producing wines traded under the names:

Monemvasios, Laloudi, Maleatis, Kastropolitia, Asyrtiko, Kidonitsa, Asproudi, Fileri, Anthosmias, Metropolis, 300, Monemvasia-Malvasia and more.

Distribution and Marketing

Monemvasia Winery distributes its products through a wide network in Greece and abroad. You may taste our wines when visiting our wonderful Monemvasia.

In the export field, we have participated in several international exhibitions such as “Fine Food” in Melbourne, “Fancy Food” in New York, “Wine Trade Fairs” in London and Brussels, “Biofach” in Nurenberg, “Int. wines & Spirits” in London, “Prowein” in Dusseldorf, Anuga in Koln (Germany), Hofex in Hong Kong, Russian International in Moscow (Russia), as well as several wine tasting events in London, Munich, Frankfurt, Hanover, Brussels, Bordeaux, Singapore…)
In 1999 exports had represented 10% of our sales and reached up to 50% through the years 2008, 2009, 2010.

Monemvasia Winery is concentrated in the production of quality wines, which is pre-requisite in order to enter the world markets.

International Award

Monemvasia Winery’s efforts have been rewarded. We were locally rewarded by EOMMEX as the Best Enterprise in the Peloponnese and we have received many prizes internationally!

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