All about Karystos, Evia.

Montofoli Estate is a remarkable landmark of South Evia. Franks, Ottomans and Kings have given this piece of land its exceptional energy;

The estate is located in the Ancient Town of Karistos, Southern Evia.

Since the Frankish Domination it was owned by the ruler of the Castello Rosso (the caste of the area), which, like the estate, is built on the hill ‘Montofoli’ (the mount with foliage, monte + folio).

Omer Pascha, the last Ottoman ruler of Karystos, was its last owner. The estate was then referred to as “The Paschas’ Gardens.” Following the departure of the Ottomans from Karistos it was conveyed by the Sultan to Ioannis Paparigopoulos, Russian sub-consul to Karistos and Lord Chamberlain to King George I.

Myrtilos White

Myrtilos is an everyday dry white wine from the Savvatiano variety, widely used in the area of South Evia. It accompanies the Mediterranean cuisine, especially fish and seafood ‘mezedes.’ Serve it cooled at 8-10o C.

Myrtilos Red
This wine is made of Merlot and has a very good price-quality relation. Round in the mouth with a character of red fruit, it goes very well with most foods due to its straightforwardness.

Grape Varieties for sweet wine

On the estate we grow 4 white indigenous grape varieties, traditionally used for the production of sweet wine in the Mediterranean Islands:



•    Asyrtiko and Aidani from Santorini
•    Athiri from Rhodes
•    and Liatiko from Crete

Ktima Montofoli, Vin de Liqueur, was bottled for the first time in 1991 and was very warmly received from wine lovers. (see Parker, The Wine Advocate, #134)

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