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The SLOPES of AIGION constitute about half the northern part of Peloponnese. Its seaside part extends from Aigeira – Akrata to Loggos – Lampiri. The viticultural region grows in the low slopes of this axis and goes up towards the peaks of the big mountains surrounding it: Helmos, Panachaikon and their offshoots. Many rivers stream down these mountains, thus forming separate slopes and plateaus. Vouraikos River is the most famous amongst them, because, in its passing, it creates beautiful gorges and geological formations.

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The Slopes of Aigion, a unique viticultural region.OENOFOROS is the company that “bears the wine”, as its ancient Greek name implies (“oenos” means “wine” and “fero” means “bear”). It consists of three elements:

  • The altitude of the vineyards (500 – 1050 m.) is a determinant for the quality of our products. them, towards the South, the aforementioned mountains provide a secure barrier for the hot winds coming from the south (Africa) during the summer months.
  • The vineyards benefit from the high rainfalls of western Greece, as from the climate of the Corinthian Gulf (referred in the old nautical charts as an attraction pole for low barometric pressure).
  • They are one of the very few north-facing regions in Greece (because of the Corinthian Gulf fault).The soil is fertile, due to the old geological deposits, and it is well drained because of its inclination.

Oenoforos was founded in 1990 and represents one of the leading companies of the Greek wine revival. In 2004, OENOFOROS came under the umbrella of the company “Greek Wine Cellars” and has since strengthened its position both in the Greek and the international markets.

The three pivotal aims around which all the activities of OENOFOROS are organized are the following:

angel rouvalis

Founder & oenologist Angelos Rouvalis

  • To produce authentic wines of high quality that combine today’s tastes with the Greek sense of harmony and balance.
  • To exploit the possibilities of the Slopes of Aigion for the production of quality wines.
  • To promote wine as a cultural good, as a companion to everyday life, and as a basic component of the Mediterranean diet.

In addition to its own experimental vineyards, OENOFOROS has long-standing contracts with pioneering vine growers on the Slopes of Aigion in some of the best-suited areas, at altitudes of 500-1050 m. The grape variety that is mostly cultivated is the traditional Greek variety of Roditis but Oenoforos has also preserved the local variety of Lagorthi, while developing the best international varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling).


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logo graperoverThe Oenoforos wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Oenoforos Rouvalis Asprolithi white, PDO Patras, 84 points.

roditiswhite grapeclip100% Roditis

vmlRegional: Grilled calamari. World: grilled swordfish, seabass, octopus, crustaceans, shelfish, goat and cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBrilliant yellow/green. Light viscosity. A clean, captivating, vibrant nose of of apple, citrus and pineapple. In the mouth zesty tones of green apple, lemonpeel and subtle minerality. Very flavoursome and grippy. Well balanced with a reasonable finish.


2010 Oenoforos Rouvalis Asprolithi red, PGI Peloponnese, 82 points.

aspro redred grape clip100% cabernet sauvignon.

vmlRegional: Rack of lamb. World: mushrooms/bacon on toast, sirloin steak, stifado, pasta with meatballs, medium cheeses.

logo graperoverRed purple. Medium viscosity. Charming aromas of plum, black currant and prune. Solid flavors of dark fruit with some light tannins. Smooth, medium/rich bodied. Reasonable finish.


2004 Oenoforos Rouvalis Ianos Cabernet Sauvignon, PGI Peloponnese, 86 points.

OIN_CABERNETred grape clip100% cabernet sauvignon.

wine barrel12 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Roast Pork. World: Grilled entrecote, rib-eye, lamb chops, spicy stews, spicy pizza, vegetarian dishes, matured (Dutch) cheeses.

logo graperoverBrown red. Medium viscosity. Pleasant, elegant nose of ripe dark fruit. Nice undertones of vanilla with a hint of tobacco. Generously complex flavors of black currant, blueberry, together with some vanilla, caramel and truffle. Smooth, voluminous body. Rather short finish. Has reached it’s top now (2013).