All about Zakynthos, Ionion Islands.

The company was established in the year 2000 by Timothos Christoforos and his wife Christina Maria Leftaki as a continuation of the family tradition to produce wines.

The family Christoforos has produced wines from the family’s vineyards since 1965 which has expanded over time.


Timithos & Christina







The younger generation of the family took over the tradition and with the assistance and valuable experience of their father G. Christoforos and the biologist Aik. Lygeria-Christoforou went on to revive the original varieties of wine from their Zakynthian vineyards.

Our estate has a total of 17,000sqm of vineyards located in the lowlands of Zakynthos in the village of Agria, Artemison.

The local varieties of grape include Skiadopoulo,Goustoulidi, Pavlos, Robola, Katsakoulias, Koutsoubeli and the excellent Native Avgoustiatis.

The growing of grapes was supplemented by the cultivation of black currants, which for many years was the main source of income for Zakynthos.

In the year 2000 we started to create the new winery and construction was completed in 2008.

The modern factory has the latest technology with many vertical units which store the grapes that have come direct from the vineyards. The special containers are refrigerated to control the process of fermentation.

The winery also has a fully equipped laboratory, where under the presence of Christina Leftaki-Christoforou there are many quality checks throughout the year of the grape and wine.

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