1655984_588615034561299_181359811_nOenorama is Greece’s oldest and foremost wine trade exhibition, incorporating Oenotechnica, also Greece’s most important viticulture and enology show.

Oenorama has been going strong since 1994 and is held every even year alternately with Dionysia, a consumer fair which takes place in Athens every odd year.
Oenorama is the meeting place of the Greek wine industry, a show where vine growers, wine makers and the trade come together to conduct business and discuss current events. Many tastings, seminars and round tables are held during the fair.
This year marks our move to a new venue, the Athens 2004 Olympic Games’ Fencing Hall (Olympiako Akinito Xifaskias), in Elliniko, on Posidonos Avenue. Previous to the Olympics this building used to be a hangar for servicing airplanes, and it is therefore an open space of 7.000 m2 with an incredible ceiling height of more than 30 meters. This is the first time wines and machinery will be in the same hall and we hope this will work to the advantage of both. Also, the building has numerous smaller rooms for dedicated tastings, lectures and meetings, where both the organizers and the exhibitors will be holding events. . 
In 2006 Oenorama inaugurated the “Wine Gallery”, a dedicated area of more than 250 m2 where the exhibition’s best wines are showcased only for trade professionals. This is a unique opportunity to discover more than 300 wines at your own pace under perfect tasting conditions. Wines are grouped according to style, provenance and grape variety and for each wine there is an information sheet providing basic information, including retail price. This year the Oenorama Wine Gallery will be housed in a festival tent right next to the show’s exit. This year’s Oenorama show is held concurrently with Eleotechnica, an olive-oil and olive grove equipment exhibition, bringing together two of Greece’s most emblematic products for the first time.
Greek wine has come a long way since 1994 and is no longer “top obscure”, although it definitely merits more international attention. At Oenorama the visitor will have the rare opportunity to taste hundreds of wines from all over Greece, form native and international varietals, from famous and less-known appellations, always in the presence of the grower who will be there to explain the wines and discuss ways to make them better known.
You can visit Oenorama starting on Friday afternoon, March 7, at 4 p.m. until Monday evening, March 10, at 6 p.m. Please do not hesitate to drop by the VIP lounge for coffee and sandwiches and some personalized information on the fair and the Greek wine industry.
Please visit the Oenorama 2014 website HERE.