All about Lesbos, North Aegean.

The winery is located north of Mytilene in the industrial zone Oujda. Visitors can tour the cellar and cellars, to let the flavors and aromas, and take part in tasting sessions with guidance oenologist. Simultaneously can be informed about winemaking versions and remarkable wines chosen especially objects that accompany them.

The Oinoforos Megaloxori has the ability to accommodate the perfectly landscaped yard, professional and social events with a high level of service.

Seeking excellent quality, we chose highly segments lesbian land to cultivate unique varieties of character, highlighting the characteristics of lesbian vineyard.

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The indigenous red variety Lesvos Grape grown in the crater of the volcano that created the petrified forest on the island. In the northwestern part persuaded, in Makara cultivated varieties named Fokiano (Ricard) Kalloniatis and Muscat (Myrodato). In the mountainous region Megaloxori Plomariou and Karyona Skopelos Gera cultivated variety Mandilaria.The (Gntoura & Vapsa) Athyri, Assyrtiko and Muscat white.

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