All about Corinth, Peloponnese.

We are a small family business that started producing small amounts of wine in the early 90s. By 2008 we had built our own organic winery, equipped with the finest modern equipment and certified by Bioellas and in 2011 we expanded into the installation of photovoltaic systems on the rooftop of the winery (green energy). The first bottles were placed on the market in late 2005.

Yiannis orfanos

Yiannis Orfan







The privately owned vineyard is located in Examilia, in a region of local Corinthian wine. It’s certified by Bio-Hellas and cultivated according to organic farming principles as well as traditional techniques of biodynamics with the use of active microorganisms. During the harvest season, the grapes are placed in a privately owned refrigerator truck and then transported to the winery and kept refrigerated until their vinification.

The aim of all applied cultivation techniques is to create plants of medium robustness and vividness, which is a necessary condition for producing high-quality wines. The grapevines have been planted in rows (linear layout) with a space of 1.20m – 1.70m within each row and a space of 2.50m between rows. An irrigation system has been installed. The planting density is 350 vines/1000m2. Pruning takes place in February with the use of the bilateral method (Cordon de Royat). Organic manure and compost produced in the estate are used for fertilising. Sulphur, copper and bacillus are used to control grapevine pests. The harvest season begins in late July with the Chardonnay and ends in late September with the Roditis variety.

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