All about Kavala, East Macedonia.

Our company is activated in the field of Organic Farming since 2006. With great respect and  care for the environment  and the consumer, we choose to target on the quality that goes with biological agriculture than the quantity of the conventional and industrial farming.

Our main cultivation is vine (we already produce fine quality wine, distillate , must syrup and table grapes. For  the  near  future we are planning to produce olives, olive oil,pomegranate, etc.


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Our vineyards are all situated  in the area of Mount Pangeon Municipality (at the foot and the slopes of Mount  Pangeon and Mount Symbolon) in Kavala Prefecture, Greece.The nature of Pangeon and the area around it, is of incomparable beauty , a land that already from the early  ancient years is connected with the production of wine.

The myths and traditions that connect Mount Pangeon with Dionysus and the Orpheus legends are anything but random. This is the place that-according to Greek mythology – Dionysus, the god of wine,  was brought up .Here is where the unfortunate Orpheus was devoured by the Maenads. And finally this is where took place the tragic Myth of King Likourgos, who was punished for inconsiderably and arrogantly opposing to the warship of Dionysus.

All these myths are connected with the worship of the God of wine and of course    with the cultivation of vine in the area and the production of extra fine wine. The area is still called by the elder habitants as “Vineland”. All these ended in 1920, when most of the traditional cultivations were replaced with the cultivation of tobacco. Since the 90s , the cultivation of vine and the production of wine in the area is increasing rapidly.

Mount Pangeon is protecting the vines from the cold North winds, the soil is rocky, and well draining. These are ideal conditions for cultivating vine.

Our vines are all cultivated by the rules of Organic Farming (certified by DIO Organization) and without irrigation. Our farming practices along with  the right match of the environment with the proper qualities of vine, produce extra fine quality grapes; rich in aroma colors and sugar which produce wonderful wines!

Our varieties are cultivated without irrigation and are products of Organic Farming.


The soil on the slopes of Mount Paggaion and Symbolon, and the Pierreon valley between those two, is ideal for vine cultivation. These conditions in combination with Organic  farming give us excellent grapes, rich in  aroma, colors, and sugar which is the ideal mean to wonderful, aromatic, bright and colorful wines. 

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