All about Nemea, Peloponnese.

In the heart of the historic Ancient Nemea Valley in the Peloponesse is Palivou Vineyards, owned by George Palivos and his wife, Angeliki. While the vineyards have been in the family for one hundred fifty years, winemaking in Nemea has existed for 3,500 years. The most famous grape variety of the Nemea region is Agiorgitiko (St. George) named after the first Byzantine Church built in the town. Agiorgitiko is a beautifully balanced red wine full of body and berry fruit flavors and tannins giving it a long finish. Nemea, the appellation, is required to be 100% Agiorgitiko grape varietal with minimal aging of 12 months in oak. Although Agiorgitiko is the only appellation of Nemea, other indigenous varieties are planted, such as Alepou Roditis (White Fox). It is the most elegant of the Roditis clones yielding a crisp white wine with pronounced fruit flavors and a creamy finish.

giorgos palivos

George Palivos.








George Palivos’ philosophy as a wine maker is simple. He believes that the wine is made in the vineyard and not the winery. His is a labor of love. He pays particular attention to the terroir in order to yield high quality wine. The environment is perfect for making robust fruity wines with high acidity thereby giving a beautifully balanced wine. The vineyards are 1400-2133 feet above sea level in a mountainous region near the Bay of Corinth. The red chalky soil, the cool breeze of the Bay and steep slopes yield the ideal conditions for creating beautiful wines. Mr. Palivos states that he lets the vineyard make the wine fully respecting Mother Nature and the grapes that give us the must. He, of course, is humble. At harvest time, he and his family are the first to examine the grapes before they are hand picked. The vinification process is classic in his state of the art winery using stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels, specifically barriques.


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logo graperoverThe Palivos Estate wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Palivos Anemos white, PGI Corinth. 87 points.


white grapeclip100% roditis.

vmlRegional: Shrimp & green rice. World: sushi, sashimi, grilled fat fish, crustaceans, shellfish, salads, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverPale bright yellow. Medium- viscosity. Fresh and lively, green apples, pear, banana and citrus fruit on the nose, elegant spicy notes. Spicy again on the palate, some more likewise fruit, quite soft and very elegant acidity, mineral notes, good finish. Excellent value.

2011 Palivos Stone Hills, PGI Corinth. 86 points.


white grapeclip60% malagouzia, 40% chardonnay.

vmlRegional: Roasted red snapper. World: sushi, sashimi, grilled fat fish, crustaceans, shellfish, poultry, salads, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright straw yellow. Medium+ viscosity. Pineapple, melon and peach on the nose, dried herbs and spices. Quite juicy, creamy fruit on the palate, elegant spice, elegant acidity and mineral traces, full-bodied, good persistence, quite harmonious, but high in alcohol, good finish.

2011 Palivos Vissino rose, PGI Corinth. 84 points.


red grape clip100% agiorgitiko.

vmlRegional: Kakavia. World: prawns pil-pil, spicy chicken, spicy pizza, asian food, grilled vegetables,

logo graperoverDark pink. Medium viscosity. Delicate floral notes on the nose, strawberry, red currants, with elegant spicy aromas. Quite powerful in the mouth, fine astringent tannins, persistence on the palate, well structured, delicate floral and spicy notes,  youthful, good finish.

2009 Palivos Estate, PDO Nemea. 87 points.


red grape clip100% agiorgitiko.

wine barrel12 months French oak, (50% new, 50% used.)

vmlRegional: Roast pork. World: spare ribs, rich pastas, grilled pork belly, veal liver, roasted vegetables, mushrooms.

logo graperoverDeep dark purple. Medium+ viscosity. Red and black berries on the nose, tart herbaceous notes, smoky and light sweaty notes. Quite juicy berry fruit on the palate, light roasted oak, medium-fine, slightly sandy and astringent tannins, firm and malted notes in the background, delicate acid bite, fairly persistent, oaky, and good lasting finish.

2006 Palivos Terra Leone Merlot, PGI Peloponnese. 88 points.


red grape clip100% merlot.

wine barrel20 months new French/American oak.

vmlRegional: Greek leg of lamb. World: red meat, entrecote, rib-eye, game, veal liver, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep dark ruby. Medium++ viscosity. Cherries, plums and red berries on the nose, smoky and roasted notes. Delicate juicy, slightly tart fruit on the palate, spicy oak and roasted notes, medium-fine, slightly astringent tannins, very creamy on the palate, chocolate, some spicy notes, full-bodied, some astringent oak on an otherwise excellent finish.

2006 Palivos Terra Leone Cabernet sauvignon , PGI Peloponnese. 89 points.

Cabernet-e1371114117938 (1)

red grape clip100% cabernet sauvignon.

wine barrel20 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Greek Sunday roast. World: red meat, entrecote, rib-eye, game, veal liver, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverFirm nose with sour cherries and mixed berries, black pepper and exotic spices, smoky and roasted notes. Quite juicy with more smoky and roasted notes, herbs and spices, medium-fine, rather dry oak tannins on the palate, quite full-bodied and creamy, but not particularly deep, astringent but otherwise good finish.