All about Florina, West Macedonia.

The Domaine Pandou Hydrousa based in Florina. Is a creation of the family Pandou, engaged in growing vines and producing wine in a traditional way since 1986.

In 1997 part of the program of the EU organic farming and erect owned winery – distillery family. Now acquires a personal enterprise, mainly engaged in the production and trade of wines and spirits (ouzo).

The certification body of organic products ‘normal LTD “assumes control of the vineyards and continuous monitoring of the business. Thus confirming traditional and quality principles governing all phases of production.

The vineyard of the family always finds at the foot of Mount Verno (Vitsis), the village Hydrousa and 8km. from the town of Florina.

With much love and respect nature with the family grows grapes in the traditional organic and always in accordance with the stringent requirements of Regulation 2092/91 EU

There in the ideal altitude of 700m. but the peculiarity of the area cultivated mainly local indigenous varieties likeXinomavro’, ‘Moschomavro’ n Local Rhoditis’ , which have come in by the soldiers of General Amyntas and international varieties

The facilities of the estate is quite attentive and open to the public. At the cozy premises conducted various activities such as educational seminars on wine, wine festivals and tastings.

The doors of the estate is always open to anyone who wishes to get acquainted with the ways of production of fine wine and the traditional way of distilling raki.

For visits or for any other information you can directly contact with the family forever, by clicking here .

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