The first bioclimatic winery with special design and construction in Greece, signaling a new era. In place Kalogeratos in Markopoulo, in the heart of Atticus Vineyard, with fast access via Attiki Odos, very close (just 1 km.) From the Olympic Equestrian Center, and next to some of the most beautiful beaches Mesogeia and the magnificent meditative Archaeological Area Brauron.

The central idea of ​​the building program was to create a winery focusing on traffic, so as not to hinder the process of winemaking and to allow the organization planned events both inside the building and the outdoor area of ​​the vineyard. In the basement of the building grow rooms winemaking, bottling, aging and storage.At an intermediate level between the basement floor and organized the tasting room area, which allows for simultaneous viewing of aging cellar with barrels and vineyards of the Mediterranean. The ground floor spaced showroom and shop products and places of entertainment and public assembly.

The Winery PAPAGIANNAKOS excelled in Architecture Awards 2008 by the Greek Institute of Architecture.



Autodidact Vassilis & author.

Since 1919
It was at the beginning of the last century -1919- that the first generation Papagiannakos field the very first barrel. And from that moment through loving care and with the inherited wisdom of ancient wine-making traditions, the Papagiannakos family rapidly gains respect and renown for the fine quality of wine they produce.

Ever since the 1960s, the new Papagiannakos generation, is accordance with tradition and with the adoption of more modern wine producing methods, redefines the wine making process bringing it to the third millennium.

The third generation of Papagiannakos family is the creator of a magnificent new Winery which has been designed to be completely compatible to the essence of the product and friendly to the environment according to innovative methods of bioclimatic architecture and engineering adopted.

This new Winery and its Wine Cellars are open to the public and various events of both business and private nature are carried out on its promises, with an aim to initiating the public ever more to the magic process of wine production.

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