All about Argolis, Peloponnese.

The Papantonis Winery was established in 1992 by brother and sister Anthony and Kallie Papantonis. The winery is located within the city of Argos about 15 km from the vineyard.

Anthony began working on developing the vineyard after obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Mason City in Iowa, USA. For the past twenty-two years, Anthony has focused on cultivating his 20-acre vineyard, which produces the agiorgitiko grape variety, with the aim of yielding the best vines for their high qualityMeden Agan and Lisimelis wines.

Kallie joined her brother in 1992 and started building the winery for the purpose of creating, promoting and distributing their wine. Her unique marketing skills earned the company prestigious exposure and access to the elite wine connoisseurs and gourmets of the Athenian society. Also by being the first winery to personalize their bottle labels to include the customer’s name, the company’s growth has been strong and stable.

Meden Agan




Since 2001 Kallie’s daughter, Lydia, has joined the company after she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Deree College in Athens. The future of Papantonis Winery and Meden Agan wine is secure as Lydia plans on continuing her education and working towards obtaining her Master’s Degree in the Management of Winery and Marketing of Wine from the Royal Agricultural College of Cirencester in England.

Since the 1993 vintage, the winery production has steadily grown from2,500 bottles to over 50,000 of the 1999 vintage. Since March 2001 the company has been implementing the ISO 9002 Quality Management System and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

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