All about Florina, West Macedonia.


The Macedonian region of Northern Greece has been producing wines for well over 4000 years. It is said that the area was a favorite wine stop of the ancient Macedonian kings. Its best known celebrity, Alexander the Great, whose empire spanned most of the known world, was born in Pella approximately 70 kms away from our winery. Recent archaeological digs in and around the area have uncovered drinking vessels which contained trace amounts of wine, a testament that wine was an integral part of life in ancient Greece. Our choice of company logo (the helmet of Alexander the Great) was chosen as a tribute to the rich history of this region.


Agios Panteleimon – Amyndeon is located in the northwestern corner of Greece, at an altitude of 650 meters ASL, approximately 120 kms West of Thessaloniki. The hills of Agios Panteleimon are nestled between two lakes; Lake Petres and Lake Vegoritis. The soil is primarily sandy, well draining and PH neutral. The area enjoys a temperate micro-climate with cold winters and warm summers with low humidity. Along with our vineyard management practices, the longevity of our vines is a direct result of the ideal environmental elements of the terroir.

Xynomavro is the indigenous grape that has been grown in the region for thousands of years. Its name translates to “acid black”, hinting to some of its characteristics. The grapes are small and grow in tight clusters. It has been compared by many to Pinot Noir in both texture and flavor. Although it is a very temperamental grape, in the hands of a skilled winemaker Xynomavro can produce a wide range of wines; from big tannic reds to aromatic fruity rosés. The grape is also used to produce Sparkling wines of exceptional quality.

Our vineyards

The estate-owned vineyards, which have been handed down through several generations of the Pavlou and Kagas families, produce grapes which are farmed organically. The vines range in age from 15 years to 100 years in age with the majority of them being well over 70 years old.  The planting of new vineyards surrounding the estate property began in 2006 with the goal of having 100% of our vineyards certified “organic” by 2012. Grape selection is carefully supervised by our winemaker and vineyard master, and fruit not meeting their standards are rejected and discarded.


Pavlou Estate is the realized dream of George Pavlou and Vasilios Kagas. As childhood friends growing up in Agios Panteleimon, both worked in their respective families’ vineyards mastering their skills and carrying on the family tradition of agriculture and wine making.
In search of a better life, George established himself in Canada and became a successful businessman. Proving to also be extremely proficient in the art of Judo, George captured first place in many international and world tournaments. Through their mutual love of martial arts, George met Alex Pulcini, a karate student for over 25 years, who would eventually become the third partner in this ambitious venture.
Although successful on many levels in Canada, George could not escape the gnawing feeling that something in his life was still unfinished. After deep soul searching, George returned to his ancestral birthplace to fulfill what he felt was his calling: to build a winery that could produce world class wines distinct from any offered in the world. The completion of Pavlou Estate in 2006 was the first step in his journey.
Our company slogan represents the vision of our winery:
Nature and Tradition in Your Glass.

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