All about Nemea, Peloponnese.

The vineyards of the Peppas family in Ancient Nemea – that is in size one of the biggest in the region- are cultivated with the philosophy of ataining the highest quality of grapes, the protection of the environment, but also the respect to the consumer of the final product that for almost 50 years trusts us.

For this reason and since 2002, the vineyards are included in the complete management system AGRO 1.

The planting distances and the method of cultivation have been studied in collaboration with agronomists and differ from vineyard to vineyard depending on the variety, the region, the altitude, the composition of the soil and its aptitude,  always aiming at the right production per vine and the highest quality of grapes.

The cultivation in all phases is done by the Peppas family, and for this aim it has invested in the past few years, in the most modern machinery and equipment.

The two agricultural tractors of the family are of the latest technology, in addition with a complete range of all additional machinery, and help us to make direct interventions wherever and whenever is necessary, and also to protect the product from difficult climate changes.

All properties of the family are set in the Municipality of Ancient Nemea, inside the area VQPRD NEMEA. All vineyards with Agiorgitiko are VQPRD.

The story of the Peppas family begins in 1958, when Andreas Peppas with his spouse Ekaterini make a small, traditional wine-press with ‘tsipouries’ and some barrels for the storage of wine. It is an era of hardship but with plenty of love for the vine and the wine, they succeed in 1963 to establish the company “WINERY ANDREAS PEPPAS”.

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