Priknadi grape

Area grown: Northern and Central Greece, notably in the region of Naoussa

History: Preknadi (synonyms are Priknadi, Prekna, Prekniariko) was cultivated extensively in the vineyards of the Naoussa region five to six decades ago. The zone was invaded by phylloxera in the 1960ies and the majority of Preknadi plantings were lost. Growers and winemakers have only very recently started to concentrate their efforts once again on the variety. The name Preknadi stems from the Greek word “prekniaris”, which means “freckle face”: The skin of the grape is dotted with spots.

Grapes: The plant is fertile and medium productive, very sensitive to Botrytis, but also quite resistant to drought. It begins vegetation in early April and matures in the first half of September. The resulting wines are often fairly high (for Greek standards) in alcohol, with medium acidity. They can evolve beautiful over a couple of years.

Nose/bouquet: Stone fruit, pear, banana, apricot, aromatic. Medium bodied with balanced acidity, solid expression of fruit on the mid-palate, followed by a lovely finish that lingers around for a surprisingly long time.

(Courtesy Elloinos)