All about Kavala, East Macedonia.

Estate Protopapa was established in 1985 by Mr. A. Protopapas, a chemical engineer, with the intention of making high quality wine for the Greek and international markets. Today the winery produces wines from privately-owned vineyards of about 65 acres [250.000 m2] in the Macedonian region of Kavala. The winery is situated 250 m above sea level on the foothills of Pageon mountain, and about 4 km from the Mediterranean sea. This combination offers mild climate and vineyards to make wine of fine quality. The soil  is  argilic and  50% limestone and for this reason it gives high aromatic wines and high alcohol normally above 13%. The winery also co-operates with the Byzantine Monastery of Dionysus in Mount Athos where wine has been produced for many hundreds of years. The winery is of 20 acres and within the vineyard. The Kariani winery of about 5.500m2  has several underground caves for aging the wine in oak barrels (about 800) and for aging bottles (about 400.000 of 0.75lt).

Product Range

Our production exceeds 400.000 bottles annually of fine quality wine with 12 kinds of wine of limited production. They are made from Greek and French Varieties and they are designed for clients who demand high quality. Total annual production ranges from 250.000 to 300.000 bottles.
Our product range includes:


Visitors and Product Availability

In the winery there are facilities for wine tasting for visitors and professionals as well as rooms of accommodation for special visitors. In the underground caves there is room to age wine in bottles for our clients. The disposal of wines becomes from representatives in Athens and Thessalonica as in other regions, also in America, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, etc.

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