All about Spata, East Attica.

In 2001, the growing organic vineyard certified by the agency DIO. In 2003, a radical replanting the property in Mediterranean, where planted Greek white and red grape varieties. Today, the family estate Belmpa mainly grown Malagouzia, Savvatiano and Mandilaria.The in terroirs of Spata (Santa Claus, Burgundians, Zagani, Lakeza, Petreza and Skimthi) of Pikermiou (Katripi, Polychroni) and Rafina (Skoufeika). The total area of ​​vineyards of the family arrives today to 62 acres.

The small but beautiful winery permanently protected by thick, solid, stone walls, ensuring a natural way ideal winemaking conditions, maturation and aging of the wines in the cellar. The winery Tower is a member of the Union of Wine Producers Attica and has a loft for hosting a traveler who would visit. The primary goal for manual traditional winemaking denatured in faith to mild winemaking methods, which result in wines that reflect the vineyards and good raw material from which they came, but investing in modern equipment.

Although much has changed, the original vision remained: the production of good wine and the creation of a traditional house wine, open to all visitors.

Meet the winemakers:

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Panos Zouboulis. (L)

Technologist food, wine, Msc Wine Tasting. Graduate of the University of Bordeaux, a thirty-year experience and presence in the field of wine and counseling wines in Greece and abroad.Specialist organic and biodynamic cultivation of vines and olives.

Spiros Zouboulis. (R)

Graduate Biochemistry, Msc Oenology. Graduate of the University of Toulouse, with work experience in wineries in Bordeaux (Ch. Malartic-Lagravière), in Argentina (Bodegas Krontiras) and Bulgaria (Telish Wine Cellar & Castra Rubra Winery). He specializes in setting up and organizing wineries of varying capacity. Winemaking has high quality wines as well as wines consumer.

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