All about Nemea, Peloponnese.


In 1986, the family of Nicolaos Repanis started doing business motivated by its love for good wine.
All these years, we believe that by working with consistency and responsibility, we have in our own way contributed in what we all proudly call “Revolution of the Greek wine”.
In 2000, observing with admiration the development in the field of wine, we decided to realize our dream- the construction of a family winery.
In search of a proper location, we decided in favor of Peloponnese, “the land of the many grapes”.
With a feeling of responsibility towards the historic region of Nemea and its unique wine, the Repanis family and its associates dared to raise the standards.After 3 years of intense work, we felt the satisfaction of a dream coming to life.

The Winery.

The winery of the Repanis Estate, completed by now, stands at the foot of the Panagia mountain, at the entrance of Nemea, surrounded by vineyards of the famous Agiorgitiko variety, ready to welcome with pride the winephile visitor in order to show him around its hospitable and fragrant area.  The winery, built at the Xerokampos site, at the center of the vineyards with a view of the historic city of Nemea, combines the traditional frugality in aesthetics with the modern functional infrastructure in productive procedure.

The stainless refrigerated tanks are small in capacity so as for separate vilifications to take place per variety, sections of vineyard and day. The underground cellars with controlled temperature and moisture conditions

The vineyards.

vineyards repanis

vineyards outlook.







At our privately owned biological culture vineyards, as well as with selected viticulturists- associates in regions such as mountainous Mantinia, Egialia and mountainous Korinthia, we cultivate Greek varieties such as Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero, Roditis Alepou and others, well known, such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The selection of grapes is being made by working with knowledge and passion, at all phases of the viticulture and vinification cycle.
According to the special properties of each section of the vineyard, we choose the appropriate variety cultivated in it.
We monitor our viticulturists on a consultative basis so that they preserve ground performances at a low level in order for the best collection of characteristics per vine variety to be achieved, while we carefully choose the harvest time in order to get the proper maturity of the grapes.

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