Sushi with retsina

A imaginable at first sight, the combination of the “Greek national wine” our popular flavors of Japanese cuisine, we were pleasantly surprised.

The idea of a delicious sushi game harmony with Retsina was the sommelier Maria Katsoulis; through repeated for a year at each team meeting. Finally … Tuck. We ordered sushi at Nori ( , tel 6947-201254), which specializes in Japanese cuisine and makes nteliveri, froze our Retsina and behold the results. The test result vindicated Maria. “He proved that a quality, fresh Retsina has the ability to play a leading role alongside Japanese dishes,” she said with satisfaction. “The secret harmony hiding the presence of the resin, which, together with the acidity of the wine itself, balances the tension materials such as soybeans, gouasampi or ginger.” 


Theodore Lelekas, on the other, arrived in full test reservations. The result surprised him. “Yes, Retsina match the sushi. Just because it is a wine made to accompany many and varied flavors, “he concluded, noting of course that Retsina tested is … random. They represent the cream of the new generation of this wine. “To be honest, I promise that next time you eat sushi will open a Retsina” he said. “I am delighted, however, found (another) a delicious combination, and indeed such an imaginative and original, so this wine that needs attention and care. No not disappear-this risk has been overcome-but to continue to evolve … “




“I laugh when I think the surprise of some snob. “What business has the haiku sushi humble Retsina?” Will wonder, “he said with his characteristic humor Simos Georgopoulos.Strict but fair judge, concluded that all combinations did not lead to the same results as the more edgy and acidic Retsina, a stunning biological Estate Kamara-Kioutsoukis and based Assyrtiko of Gikas brought tension in the mouth, enhancing while the aftertaste of the combination, while milder, as Mylonas, the Papagiannakou and millet, calmed the match but at the expense of flavor duration.


“The Retsina and sushi can be implacable enemies but friends and Heart, depending on the circumstances and individual characteristics,” was the general conclusion of Mary municipality. “The Retsina when bright acidity highlights a pleasant taste of fish, leaving a light mouthfeel. Where the sushi flanked by fragrant ginger, embraces the particular aroma intensities of the dish. Generally prefers the fish and not the shrimp, intense aromas and flavors rather mild, and certainly not afraid to show the cosmopolitan herself next to a plateau with sushi. “






Retinite 2012 / Vineyards Gikas  / Assyrtiko  / Alcohol: 12%

Careful vinification, the quality of resin and stay with the lees resulted Retsina with a strong personality and many talents: “crisp” acidity, rich volume and clean fruit flavors that tie down the volume of resin. Long aftertaste. He loves intense flavors such as sashimi, sushi, scallops, fried fish and any salty or smoked snack!



Tear of pine /  Wine Kechri / Assyrtiko, Roditis / Alcohol: 12.5% 

Through this blonde green Retsina spring citrus aromas mastic and herbs, which “embraced” by the tender fragrance of resin.Mouth with gentle richness and acidity, which is balanced perfectly by alcohol. Emphasized the presence of New-RETSOU palate, with a long duration. Serving aromatic dishes, Mparmpounakis marinated or fried, grilled squid and octopus, Japanese maki, salads enriched with fruits and nuts. From the same winery worth a try and sap from Xinomavro “In background rosé ‘.



Retsina Kamara  / Winery Kamara / Assyrtiko, Roditis  / Alcohol: 12.5%

Xanthoprasino color and intense aromas of flowers, mint and lime – with that of the resin remains distinctive and stylish.Taste delicious, with enough volume and acidity, flirting with the scent of resin in the aftertaste. Loves acidic aromatic dishes, sushi and nigiri, tempura on small fish, anchovies marinated, but the fried and cheese croquettes.





Retsina Messoghion /  Winery Papagiannakou /Savatiano / Alcohol: 12% 

Achyroprasini, with a fruity nose and clean aroma of resin.Taste soft, fresh and balanced, with resin integrated with fruit flavors, leaving a beautiful finish. Serving fried and marinated fish, chicken nuggets with curry chortokalitsouna, fried zucchini. 



Retsina of Attica /  Vineyards Kingdom /  Savatiano / Alcohol: 12.5%

Yellowish color. Perfumes resin dominate, leaving to those of the grape fruit role … sidekick. Mouth filled with lively acidity and intense aroma of resin. Spicy sensation on the finish. Fits with fat and strong flavors, such as various snacks, marinated anchovy penne with pesto, goat cheese, artichokes.



Retinite Nobilis /  Gaea / Savatiano / Alcohol: 12%

Golden yellow color. The aromas of resin monopolize the nose, reminding pine needles, green herbs and coriander. Mouth mature, fairly crowded, with resin to win in the aftertaste, leaving feeling green pepper. She loves vegetables tempura, the pies, the grilled peppers, smoked fish, and snails but snails and fatty meats. 



Retsina Mylonas / Winery Mylonas /  Savatiano / Alcohol: 12%

Achyroprasino color and intense aromas of flowers and exotic fruits, with notes of resin. Mouth cool, soft and aromatic, with a very graceful presence of resin on the palate. Serving shrimp and vegetable tempura, sushi, crab, green salads with fruit, Mparmpounakis fried.