All about Aigio, Peloponnese.

Panagiotis Tsitsas, owner and soul of RIRA vineyards, first learnt to love and appreciate the good wine as a worldwide consumer. To turn this whole experience and passion into reality, he dreamed of growing his own vineyard in his birthplace – the region of Aigialeia.


Panagiotis Tsitsas







It was shortly after then that Greece entered the modern era of wine making. Panagiotis Tsitsas came to fulfil his project of planting a vineyard a few years ago- a jewel in the heart of a qualified vine and wine growing region, the Slopes of Aigialia. The aim of the producer is to reveal – through the creation of both varietal and blended wines – the enormous potential of the Greek vineyard. The result: two pairs of very special wines: the white and red Aigialos (both witnesses of their origin), the white and red Bond (a reflection of the strong personality of their creator), along with a robust Chardonnay (CONCERT), next to a tender rose (2 ROSES) .

The name RIRA refers since old times to a region above the village of Neratzies Aigiou, high above the tourist resorts of Logos and Selianitika at the coastal zone of Aigialeia.

The property that exists within its current limits from 1872 has been traditionally cultivated with raisins. In 2007, Panagiotis Tsitsas, native from Aigio, son of a farming family,wine expert and wine lover himself, plants the vineyard bringing indigenous and international grape varieties together and collects their first fruits in 2010, a harvest from which our first wines come. In the vineyard about 15 white and red grape varieties are cultivated. The Greek Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Aghiorghitiko and Mavrodaphne next to the international Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Viogner and Gewurtztraminer, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Syrah and Pinot noir, Grenache rouge and its white ‘sister’ Cherache blanc which rarely occurs and in which our state is in favour of.

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