All about Boeotia, Central Greece.

Domaine Samartzis is a family owned business located in Ascra, a small village at the slopes of Helicon mountain in Boeotia Greece. Ascra is the birth place of one of the greatest ancient oral poets Hesiod, with a 2000 years tradition in vine cultivation and wine making. Pausanias traveler & geographer refers Ascra as the place of “many grapes and many vineyards” We own a 12 hectares vineyard planted in 1962 with a unique local Greek grape variety named Kontoura White. “Two Rivers” take its name from the scenic beauty of the Muses Valley wine country, a great Greek PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) wine producing region, where the two rivers Permissos & Olmios run along the valley beside our vineyards. The fruits that goes into “Two Rivers” wine are from a few selected vineyards, where the combination of soils, climate and growing conditions allow the grapes to develop great varietal character and balance. This unique “terroir” combined with the indigenous Greek grape variety the Kontoura White, provides us with the needed assets from nature to produce the “Two Rivers” in a way to be a wine with “character”.


Valley of the Muses.

Our winery is located at Askre, a small picturesque village at the slopes of Helicon mountain in Boeotia mainland Greece. Equipped with high end vinification machines, designed specially for the production of high quality white wines and certified with the ISO22000 quality standard certification. The total production capacity of our winery is 150.000 btl per year. From the early days when our grandfather planted our vineyards in 1962 to the present, each generation of our family has been eager to preserve and evolve the family tradition in vine cultivation and wine making, following a path that guided us towards the production of high quality wine. The special care he took with each bottle of wine and its groove of vine was his legacy to us. We’re proud to continue this family tradition. We have a total number of 100 retail sale points in Greece (most of them are in Athens). In our near future plans is to expand our exports to markets outside Greece. We are constantly expanding our customer base abroad and focusing our efforts to have reliable wine “connaisseur” business partners in Europe, North America & Australia.

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