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The Union of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos (EOSS) was founded in 1934, involving 25 local cooperatives representing all the wine growers of the island.

Union with nature, stood from the beginning essential relief to farmers to protect their rights against the merchants.

From its inception until today, the EOSS collect grapes and produce wine, the two wineries in Malegari and Karlovasi. Then dispose of it, or bottled in Greece and around the world.

Exports are very important and account for 80% of annual production, which is about 7,000 tons of wine. H France alone imports 60% of its production on the island and other countries import significant quantities of Samian wine are England, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the U.S. , Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, the Scandinavian countries and more recently the Far East.



Malagari winery


The aim of EOSS is the identification of the name with products and services of high and consistent quality. Its basic aim is to strengthen its position through recognition of its products, increasing its share of the world wine market and continued expansion into more markets. So will the continued upward trend and increase sales, with the aim to achieve better and constantly rising price for the grape growers of states.


Members of the Union Onopoiitikon Cooperatives of Samos is mandatory for all existing Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos, established or will be established under Law 6085/1934. The producers belonging to wine cooperatives are all 2.847, of which 40 are engaged in organic cultivation.

Each Cooperative Winery represented in the Union with one to five members elected representatives. Their number is determined according to the production of grapes that deliver natural members of wine cooperatives in the Union during the last three years. Production to 100,000 kg corresponds to a representative production from 100,001 to 200,000 pounds in two representatives etc. and five representatives.

Delegates representing the Partnership in all its relations with the Union, within the framework of the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Cooperative represented. The General Assembly thus participate through their representatives all members of the Union. With the participation of the representatives in the general assembly elected directors (BOD), which in turn elect the president of EOSS The directors mentioned once or twice a year, the general assembly, which is the supreme body Union.

samos vineyard

Vine terraces


The vineyard of Samos is unique: 1,600 hectares of vines, rest comfortably on their terraced perches surrounded by the lush vegetation of this incredibly verdant island. The sight is unforgettable and belongs to one of the prettiest wine landscapes in the world. It is also, what ensures the specificity of our wines.

Eight hundred meters above the Aegean Sea, the slopes of Mount Ambelos form a sprawling amphitheater with tier upon bursting tier of grape vines that bask in sheer tranquility and blinding sunshine. If you’re lucky, somewhere in the distance you may catch a glimpse of a villager or two getting to work: and there you have it, the grand crus, the select vineyards and, by extension, the wines crafted in Samos.

Most of the 25 villages belonging to the Samos wine terroirs lie in the northern part of the island, the part that has been the least affected by tourism. Most of the vineyards are in mountainous or semi-mountainous areas endowing grapes with the perfect gift: the chance to mature slowly and surely, attaining rich sugar content, indispensable for the creation of the divine sweet muscat wine.

The soil in these areas is deep, offering perfect drainage and forcing the roots of the vines to forage downward within the earth in pursuit of nutrition, producing perfect fruit which will produce the luscious and tasteful wines of Samos.

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logo graperoverThe Samos wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Samos High Peaks (dry), PGI Aegean Sea, 88 points.

High-peaks-front-label-rev-010810-209x198white grapeclip100% muscat blanc a petit grains (moschoudi)

vmlRegional: Kotopoulo Maskouli World: grilled fish, prawns, shellfish, roast pork, charcuterie, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverPale yellow with greenish hues. Grapey nose with lime and white rose. Light-mid bodied, refreshing and crispy with nice fruit and balancing acidity. Medium finish. A very pleasent and typical dry muscat to accompany light dishes or to be enjoyed as an apperitif. Fairly priced.

2011 Samos Samena (dry), PGI Aegean Sea, 89 points.

samossamena2-178x198white grapeclip100% muscat blanc a petit grains (moschoudi)

vmlRegional: Tiropita World: fish casseroles, fish pate, spicy  fowl, charcuterie, veal stew, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverPale yellow, brilliant wine, touched by discreet floral aromas that are not outshone by the muscat grape. Vivid musky flavor confirms its being a classically Mediterranean wine, fat and smooth. It has a robust character, though elegant and well structured.

2010 Samos Golden Samena (dry), PGI Aegean Sea, 84 points.

samossamena-115x198white grapeclip100% muscat blanc a petit grains (moschoudi)

vmlRegional: Pastitsio World: Asian dishes, risotto, fowl, fruit deserts.

logo graperoverPale lemon green in colour displaying an array of typical Muscat flavours like grapes and rose petals in a more restrained fashion than I expected. The palate is marked by the low acidity and disturbing astringency towards the finish. The rose and honey notes linger through the end of this medium bodied wine which I may not say a good match with the local food. The Muscat is destined to make great sweet wine over here in Samos Island.

2008 Samos Anthemis, PDO Samos, 91 points. 

samosanthemis-205x198white grapeclip100% muscat blanc a petit grains (moschoudi)

wine barrel60 months on old French oak.

vmlRegional: Lenten Tahini & honey icecream. World: sauteed veal liver, foie gras, blue vein cheeses (gorgonzola).

logo graperoverQuite typical for a sweet muscat. Lots of musky, floral scents – roses and a bit of barley sugar. Very light oxidative character in an otherwise big, sweet wine. Good balance, a little cloying and rich but a polished finish. For those who like Muscat this is a very good example at a bargain price. This would probably age well too. Alas, my least favourite style of wine but that shouldn’t detract from this.

2006 Samos Nectar, PDO Samos, 91 points. 

samosnectar-203x198white grapeclip100% muscat blanc a petit grains (moschoudi)

wine barrel36 months old French oak.

vmlRegional: Lemon/Mastiha Tiramisu World: sauteed veal liver, foie gras, blue vein cheeses (gorgonzola).

logo graperoverAmber colored wine with beautiful mature nose with notes of raisins, burnt sugar, honey and apricots. Sweet palate but not cloying – decent acidity and good finish. Great value at its price.

2002 Samos Grand Cru, PDO Samos, 93 points.

samosgrandcru-211x198white grapeclip100% muscat blanc a petit grains (moschoudi)

vmlRegional: Lenten Bougatsa me krema. World: sauteed veal liver, foie gras, blue vein cheeses (gorgonzola).

logo graperoverAn attractive floral, grapey, orangey nose. Very much in the style of Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, this has much more depth and character than the ‘Vin Doux’. Very, very long. Very Good Indeed. Excellent value!

2004 Samos Vin doux, PDO Samos, 89 points.

samosvindoux-204x198white grapeclip100% muscat blanc a petit grains (moschoudi)

wine barrel50% on old French oak for 24 months.

vmlRegional: Hosafi. World sauteed veal liver, foie gras, blue vein cheeses (gorgonzola).

logo graperoverSweetly perfumed apricot and overripe melon aromas with honeysuckle and jasmine. Some alcohol burn. Pretty perfume on the palate as well. Lots of florals, honeysuckle nectar, ripe stone fruit. Good acid.