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The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, Named as SantoWines, was Founded in 1947. Today, SantoWines, the biggest wine producer of the island, has approximately 2500 members that equals to the total number of the producers of the island, while 1000 of them are active.

Wine for us is art, made with love and care …. and for that reason we have gathered all the necessary elements …

We built a new, state of the art winery in 1992 and having as our main concern the continuous improvement of the quality of our wines, SantoWines people, with care and respect for the 3500 years of Santorini wine tradition, create our famous awarded wines Appellation of Origin Santorini of High Quality.

SantoWines social responsibility profile goes along with its corporate strategic view. Our aim is to support Santorini producers and to protect Santorini vineyard and its unique in the world grape varieties.



terraceview from winery.

SantoWines, being environmentally conscious, has built the winery in 5 different levels so that the building is in harmony with the surrounding environment and the vineyards that are spreading out in different ground levels forming the traditional “pezoules” From a technological point of view, the winery is built in different levels so that during the winemaking process the must is transferred by the gravity phenomenon with the minimum use of pumps, technique that protects and promotes the quality of our wines.

SantoWines winery, situated at Pyrgos village, welcomes every year more than 400.000 visitors from all over the world.

The Vineyards.

Wine making in Santorini dates thousands of years back to the 3rd Millenium BC …

The excavations in Acrotiri village, One of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean, revealed findings like burnt vines or decorations of grapes on ancient pots proving that vine cultivation was very popular at that time in the island.

santo vineyards

typical Santorini vine.

The land of Santorini is anhydrous, since it rains rarely. The 3,500 year tradition in vine cultivation and the art of wine making is maintained nowadays by SantoWines which cultivates approximately 4000 acres of vineyards that represent about the 1/3 of Santorini surface. Cliff vineyards in Santorini are spreading out on different ground levels, forming the distinctive “pezoules” which were made by the producers so that it is easier for them to cultivate and to maximize the effectiveness of rainwater.


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logo graperoverThe Tsantali Santo Wines tasted by GrapeRover: 

2011 Tsantali Santo Wines Santorini Assyrtiko, PDO Santorini. 88 points.

new-assyrtikowhite grapeclip100% assyrtiko.

vmlRegional: Grilled lobster (astakos sti skara) World: sushi, grilled fish, crustaceans, shellfish (oysters).

logo graperoverPale golden. Medium+ viscosity. Alluring zesty bouquet of lemon and stone fruit, fine minerality and hints of green apples. On the palate zippy and lemony flavors with a touch of salty slate. Elegant and  inviting. Firm structure. Invigorating with a good lasting finish.

2010 Tsantali Santo Wines Nyktiri, PDO Santorini. 87 points.

nychteri-newwhite grapeclip85% assyrtiko, 10% athiri, 5% aidani.

wine barrel3 months French oak, (20% new).

vmlRegional: Stuffed calamari with Metsovo cheese. World: smoked eel or trout, roasted fish, grilled vegetables.

logo graperoverPale golden. Medium+ viscosity. Intriguing aroma of linalool with a hint of oaky salinity. On the palate a wonderfully spicy, lemony flavor and broad minerals. Good grip and balanced structure. Medium finish.

2009 Tsantali Santo Wines Assyrtiko Grand reserve, PDO Santorini. 91 points.

new-assyrtiko-grand-reservewhite grapeclip100% assyrtiko. (100+ yrs. old.)

wine barrel12 months used French oak.

vmlRegional: Octopus stifado. World: smoked eel or trout, roasted fish, grilled vegetables, roasted fowl, cured pork.

logo graperoverBright yellow golden. Dense viscosity. Expressive aroma of vanilla/butterscotch and lemon/lime. On the palate smooth textures creating rich saline flavors of lemon zest, salty butter, fine minerality, with a hint of smokiness. Harmonious, balanced, and mouthwateringly delicious, but with a hint of alcoholic heat on the finish.

2009 Tsantali Santo Wines Kameni, PGI Cyclades. 85 points.

kameni1red grape clip100% mandelaria.

wine barrel12 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Pork sofrito. World: game, prime meat, roast lamb or kid, meat casseroles, spicy asian dishes, garlic sausages, mature cheeses.

logo graperoverBright dark ruby. Medium+ viscosity. Rather spicy nose, preserved forest fruit, touch of herbs and nuts. On the palate fairly soft, sweetish, jammy berry fruit. Delicately bitter herbaceous notes, well developed oak with some chocolate, warm tannins. Rather charming, though astringent, but not too dry on a good finish.

2008 Tsantali Santo Wines Mavrotragano, PGI Cyclades. 89 points.

maurotraganored grape clip100% mavrotragano.

wine barrel6-8 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Slow roast Leg of Lamb. World: game, prime meat, roast kid, meat casseroles, spicy asian dishes, garlic sausages, mature cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep dark ruby. Dense viscosity. Generous sweet concentrated black fruit, chocolate, soft herbaceous spice, licorice  and mocha. Opulent on the palate with a voluptuous structure, drying tannins combine perfectly with rich, dark fruit tones. Needs at least a couple of hours breathing, then decanting. Absolutely intriguing wine that can easily compete with grand collegues from France or Italy. Needs developing though. Keep close watch on this variety!

Tsantali Santo Wines Vinsanto blend 8 yrs old, PDO Santorini. 92 points.

vinsanto-8yearswhite grapeclip85% assyrtiko, 15% aidani. Special  blend of selected of Vintages: 20% of 1992, 10% of 1993, 40% of 1994 and 30% of 1995.

wine barrel8 yrs. minimum on used French oak.

vmlRegional: Walnut stuffed figs. World: tropical fruit, chocolate, nuts, fruit based desserts, foie-gras, blue vein cheeses.

logo graperoverBronze/orange. Luscious. Rich bouquet of raisins, dried prunes and figs, spicy caramel, malt, honey and roasted oak. On the palate creamy and sweet, elegantly juicy, fresh as well as dried fruit. Prominent note of ripe pears, elegant acidity, much more lively than the nose would suggest, delicate herbaceous notes and acacia honey. Excellent persistence, supple balance, refreshing, delicate oxidative note, long finish.