All about Achaia, Peloponnese.

 With three generations of viniculture and wine production, we scrupulously gathered and sought the best grapes for our wines from our biological treated vineyards.

Our assorted variety of grapes include Santameriana – Roditis – Mavrodaphne Viniculture is on our 4 hectare biological vineyard in slate rock soil with unique “terroir”. The unique combination of the soil, climate and the altitude of 600 meters combine to produce the ideal characteristic to our wine

Our winery.

Our winery is a modern facility that can be visited and has a capability of 80000 bottles. It strictly follows all the latest guidelines for hygiene. Our wine is produced under absolute controlled conditions that give a unique balance between flavour and aroma.


P dimitropoulos

Owner Panagiotis Dimitropoulos.


The main thing to create good wine is the quality grapes. Our vineyards have low yields,they situated in high altitude and schistolithic soils.

For the transportation of the grapes we have special frames and the vines are around the winery, from the moment you cut the bunch (traditional harvesting of many people with songs) from the vine until the VINIFICATION does not pass more than half an hour.

Santameriana grape.

The prominent grape variety of the region is called Santameriana. This is a white grape, round in shape with a thin filmed peel and a light and gentle aroma, which produced a fairly aromatic wine. During that time work in the vineyards was long and tiring with little profit, People were forced to abandon the vines for other crops. Also, many young people in the 60’s went to the cities for better living and working conditions. These are the two main reasons for abandonment of vine cultivation and particularly the Santameriana variety.

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