Savatiano grape

Area grown: Mostly Attica, Evia and Viotia in Central Greece, also to a smaller extend in the Cycladic Islands, Macedonia and Peloponnese.

Quick Fact File: Savatiano is the most widely planted indigenous Greek grape variety. It has been traditionally used for the production of Retsina. Savatiano is also a popular blending partner for Assyrtiko and Roditis. Today, 100% Savatiano wines are able to surprise with outstanding quality. The best ones offer a great price/quality ratio.

Grapes: Savatiano is a vigorous variety, typically with low acidity. It is perfectly suited to the hotter regions of Greece, being very resistant to water stress. The grapes are medium sized, with a yellow/white colour. Harvest typically takes place late August/early September.

Nose/bouquet: Aromas of pear, apple, banana, lemon.

(Courtesy Elloinos)