evriviadis_sclavosEvriviadis completed his studies of agricultural sciences in 1996 and took over the fate of the family business. As a trained agronomist, he naturally placed the focus of his work on the vineyards. From the beginning he managed his own vineyards biologically, soon afterwards he switched to biodynamics. For him, biodynamic cultivation is not a marketing tool to boost sales, it is a philosophy of life that he also practices in private life! He does not bend, he does not care about his wines. They have their own style and character. From conviction, he only builds local grape varieties and consciously renounces any kind of marketing. Its wines are difficult to get outside the island and when, then only in homeopathic quantities. Despite the high demand and the small quantities, the prices of his wines are not lifted, which speaks for the modesty and down-to-earthness of Evriviadis.


The island of Kefalonia, like the other Ionian islands, has some of the most interesting grape varieties of Greece: Robola, Mavropdaphne, Tsaousi, Vostilidi to name but a few. Also the soils, which are rich in limestone, are very suitable for wine-growing. Unfortunately the vineyard area has been dramatically reduced in the last 50 years. First, the devastating earthquake of 1953 was responsible for the fact that many families were forced to flee, tourism has become the biggest problem in recent decades. Tourism is a blessing and curse.More and more tourists flock to the island, which creates more jobs and better income. On the other hand, it makes the prices for the country so expensive that viticulture is less and less worthwhile. Sclavos follows unintentionally his natural instinct and idealism, and continues to cultivate biodynamic cultivation, although he might have a more comfortable life.