All about Xanthi, East Macedonia.

The personal vision of Panagiotis and Anastasia Sgouridis combined with the family tradition in distillation led to the creation of “Sgouridi Wines Ltd.”. From the year 2000 till 2005 they have managed to plant about 25 acres of vineyards in private holdings, and jumpstart the company’s activity. The vineyards are situated nearby Mandra village in the area of Avdira, Thrace.

Their labor of love and enthusiasm was embraced by the two sons of the Sgouridis family, Napoleon and Sgouris. Therefore now the two brothers, both civil engineers in profession, represent the two share holders and partners of “Sgouridi Wines Ltd.”, created in the spring of 2004.

Panagiotis and Anastasia Sgouridis

Panagiotis and Anastasia Sgouridis


Napoleon Sgouridis is a civil engineer, and has been the company’s brand manager from day one, completely devoted to the development of the company’s marketing  and branding projects.

Sgouris Sgouridis has been in charge of the eco-friendly orientation of the company giving directions from his academic bench at MASDAR University of Abhu Dhabi Emirate.


The family-owned vineyard of about 10 hectares is planted on the gentle hills around Avdira, on the coast of Thrace, next to the inland sea of Lagos, an area that was famous in ancient times for the quality of its wines.

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Sgouridi vineyard.







Today the area is mostly made up of a network of especially picturesque wetlands which now belong to the Wetlands of International Importance Convention “Ramsar”. It is protected under the European Union Directive 79/409 for the protection of ornithological fauna, and a Joint Ministerial Decision has been published to demarcate its boundaries and define permitted activities.

The largest part of our vineyard is planted in the fertile soil west of the inland sea of Lafrouda, at our estate near Mandra, a charming village within the municipality of Avdira.

The agricultural surveillance is undertaken by ms Anastasia Sgouridou, agronomist in proffesion, whereas the vinification and bottling of the wines takes place temporarily  at Foundis Estate, in Naoussa Macedonia, Greece, whether mr Zianis Dimitrios is the oenologist in charge.

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